After comeback: Sabine Lisicki surprisingly manages her second win in a row

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Sabine Lisicki manages a surprising second win in a row

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Hard to believe: Sabine Lisicki is in the quarterfinals of Bad Homburg

Quelle: dpa/Joaquim Ferreira

After years of injury problems, Sabine Lisicki celebrated a surprising success. The 32-year-old is in the quarterfinals of the Bad Homburg tennis tournament. Even a bee sting couldn’t stop the Berliner from winning for the second time in a row.

Whe would have thought it possible after all the injuries and disappointments? After numerous injuries, mononucleosis and a cruciate ligament rupture at the end of 2020, Sabine Lisicki actually celebrated two victories in a row after her most recent attempt to come back on the WTA Tour.

The former Wimbledon finalist is still on track at the tennis tournament in Bad Homburg. On Wednesday, the 32-year-old defeated the Belgian Greetje Minnen 6: 3, 2: 6, 6: 2 and thus made it into the quarter-finals. Only on Tuesday did Lisicki win 6: 4, 7: 6 against compatriot Tamara Korpatsch and thus celebrated her first professional victory in a main field after the comeback.

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“The match was basically really good today, I’m just really happy about that. I’m also happy to be able to continue playing,” said Lisicki. The tennis player, who caused a sensation ten years ago as “Bum Bum Bine”, told of a bee sting that “still really hurts”. She cooled the spot directly and wanted to prevent an allergic reaction.

Lisicki also thanks to a wildcard in the quarterfinals

After a severe cruciate ligament injury and a one-and-a-half year injury break, Lisicki returned to the WTA Tour in Berlin last week, but missed qualifying for the main draw. In Bad Homburg she got a wildcard.

Tennis-WTA-Tour-in-Bad-Homburg.jpg" data-srcset=" 1.0x" media="(min-width: 910px)">Tennis-WTA-Tour-in-Bad-Homburg.jpg" data-srcset=" 1.0x" media="(min-width: 600px)">Tennis-WTA-Tour-in-Bad-Homburg.jpg" data-srcset=" 1.0x">Never give up: Years of deprivation and disappointment lie behind Sabine Lisicki

Never give up: Years of deprivation and disappointment lie behind Sabine Lisicki

Quelle: dpa/Joaquim Ferreira

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“I never gave up,” Lisicki said after her first comeback attempt in May, “but it was tough, very tough. My patience was really tested. There were always setbacks that had to be digested.”

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In the quarter-finals on Thursday, Lisicki will now face France’s Caroline Garcia. Tatjana Maria, who lost her round of 16 6:7 (4:7), 4:6 against Alizé Cornet from France, is no longer represented in the tournament.



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