Aesthetic tennis: the ideals to have the best look, today

If you are in your twenties or early twenties, there is no need to explain to you what we mean by a few. tenis aesthetic. Although there are no exact limits to define what this new category of style really is, we know that it is a very pleasant design to admire -on networks and in real life-, which has gradually become synonymous with garments, accessories and different objects related to the fashion of the 90s and 2000s. Emphasizing, above all, relaxed silhouettes or chuncky with a very modern air. In case you are already in your thirties, forties or more, things start to get complicated; understand that it aesthetic it’s more of a lifestyle—which can span your food, decor, houseplants, and even your shower time—it’s hard to come by. Especially because it doesn’t have strict rules and its name doesn’t really tell us much. But wow… this isn’t rocket science; you can learn. And there is no better way to understand it aesthetic (and even carry it out) than observing.

For this reason, today when we hear so much from top to bottom that everyone is looking for ropa aesthetic, tenis aesthetic and whatever-we-can-think-of-aesthetic, we’ve decided to bring you something we know you’ll love. It doesn’t matter if you’re in college, already working or just want to be fashionable, these are sneakers that they cannot miss you for anything.

New Balance 550

Beautifully retro.


The pair that never goes out of style and that we can consider today one of the great pillars for this style. Aesthetic tennis par excellence, in other words. The 550 is a sneaker basketball that originally launched in 1989 as a short counterpart to the 650; other kick that you must have under the radar, absolutely. In 2020, the brand began producing retro sneakers and it was his collab with Teddy Santis that catapulted the label back as a must have of the generation A model that you can use as dress shoes for all your looks.

adidas Forum Mid x Parley for the Oceans



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