Advised to wear a Pardubice jersey again after seven years: I’m not a guy who plays on his own

Is a very different player returning to the extra league than the one heading to Spartak Moscow after the 2014/15 season?

I’m definitely more mature. I’ve had enough, the club has now taken me into a role, which I have to show on the ice. So far, it looks like we could be pretty strong. But this is only an impression that will never replace the inner feeling gained from the game. I know practically all the boys in the cabin, so maybe we will create a strong team spirit and everyone will follow the system and goals, because Pardubice wants to be at the top of the table.

Will you have to change the style of play on the Czech ice a lot?

That is an interesting question. I didn’t think much about it, but I’m definitely ready to adapt to the team. I’m not a guy who plays on his own. I have never worked under coach Rulík, and here I will wait for my own experience with the evaluation

Is returning home a big change for you in general?

Quite yes, but in all circumstances, the transfer to Pardubice was the most sensible choice from a personal and hockey point of view. I’m really looking forward to the fans. A lot has changed, including the owners, but the traditional Pardubice face is held by custodians in addition to the audience. I would call it a pleasant return to a familiar environment with some new elements.

On the centenary of the Pardubice club, an attack on the title is announced. Isn’t that a very bold plan when Dynamo hasn’t played in the semi-finals of the playoffs in the last ten years?

That’s why new players have come, we should all be reinforcements. I like the plan to attack at the top. Even because the most I experienced with hockey was the celebration of team triumph after the titles. I will connect the next four years with Pardubice and, of course, I long for success.

Did you know that you would leave the KHL right after the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

I was extremely surprised that the Russians started a war. I had a contract in Riga for next season, we liked it a lot there, suddenly the stereotype of the same KHL from last time broke. Riga reacted logically and perfectly, she left the league right after the invasion and the return home came out of it.

Wouldn’t the money keep you in the KHL?

It was really nice in Riga, but I really wouldn’t want to play in a Russian club. The KHL will never be like that again, its golden times are over and, given all the circumstances, I think it will find itself in quite strong isolation.

Did you take Riga at your mercy even after a bad experience from MS 2021, where you didn’t play much?

At the time, I voted in light satire that I was given the opportunity in three matches during the holidays, but neither the city nor the national team was to blame. I did not write any point behind the performance in the national team. It will of course depend on the performance, but if the Czechia really played the Riga championship group next May, I would love to be there.



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