According to Aydın Örs, Ergin Ataman is a role model for Turkish coaches.

Having achieved significant success in Anadolu Efes, Fenerbahçe and the National Team, Örs continues his service to Turkish basketball as the chairman of the education board in the federation.

Aydın Örs; Ergin Ataman, head coach of the National Team and Anadolu Efes, answered the questions of the AA correspondent about the national team that will compete in the 2022 European Basketball Championship, the successes of Turkish representatives in Europe last season, the inability of local players to get enough time and the future of Turkish basketball.

Mentioning the importance of Ergin Ataman’s achievements at Anadolu Efes, the 75-year-old basketball man said, “Ergin Hodja is a person with great self-confidence. We worked together for years at Anadolu Efes. We could have continued to work together again, but he asked me for permission and went to Türk Telekom. He took the risk and entered a competition that way. Not everyone can do it. He can’t. He didn’t say, “I’m comfortable in Anadolu Efes. Let me help Aydın Hoca and continue.” He took a risk. Then he went to the USA. From the USA He returned, worked in Pınar Karşıyaka and Anadolu Efes. He came to these days after various stages. Nobody comes to an easy place. You pay some price. You work, you work, you work. Ergin is a good role model for Turkish coaches.” he said.

“Adult is a very loyal person”

Reminding that Ataman made an important gesture by bringing the trophy to his cat while he was being treated for the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) after their first championship in the European League in the 2020-2021 season, Örs said that he has yet to meet with Ergin Ataman after this season’s championship. Noting that they could not come, he said:

“I had to gesture to him, but there was no opportunity. We are constantly texting after every match. He did not have time to raise his head. I will visit but it is so intense… I will visit the national team. Actually, I have to thank him. Ergin is a very loyal person. There are those who love and those who don’t. As a person, he is appreciated. Our relations are at a very high level. I support him and I always want him to be successful. It is a great chance for a Turk to be the coach of a team that dominates the teams in Europe. A role model for new coaches. We We always show foreign coaches as examples, but Ergin Ataman is in the middle.”

“Why not the NBA?”

Aydın Örs noted that Ataman has all the necessary equipment to be a head coach in the American Basketball League (NBA).

On being reminded of Ergin Ataman’s statements that he can take part as a head coach in the NBA, Örs said, “Why not? It is unthinkable that he will not be successful in terms of his trainer’s equipment and structure, but because of the structure of the NBA, the fact that the players are very liberal and have a free mindset, there is a team there. “It’s not an easy thing to create. Maybe he can take that challenge. Other than that, he has all kinds of equipment for the NBA. Of course he can.” expressed an opinion.

“A good national team team will be formed with Ergin coach”

Stating that he believes the A National Basketball Team will be successful under the management of Ergin Ataman, Örs stated that the experienced coach should be given time.

Emphasizing that Ataman’s words that they want to win a medal in the 2022 European Championship, Örs said, “Ergin Hodja is always like that. It is very normal for him to set goals to motivate the team. However, it is right for the public to expect the national team to be in the top positions from today to tomorrow. It’s debatable. You need to give time to Ergin Hoca. He will get to know the players. As he plays, team chemistry will develop. When you look at them one by one, there are quality players. It is a process that takes time for them to become a team. Is there a time? I don’t know. Because they will play the World Cup qualifiers first. “Ergin Hodja is a coach who achieves what he aims for. It seems that a good national team will be formed together with Ergin Hodja. I think they will be successful.” made its assessment.

“The success of the Turkish teams is pleasing”

Evaluating Anadolu Efes’ winning the European League, Bahçeşehir College winning the FIBA ​​European Cup, and Frutti Extra Bursaspor’s playing in the ULEB European Cup final last season, Örs said:

“The success of the Turkish teams is pleasing. It is very important for Anadolu Efes to become the THY Europa League champion for the second time. The Europa League is very difficult. It is a great success. This is the success of Ergin Hodja, the players and the club, but it is referred to as ‘Turkey’ after all. Of course. I wish more Turkish players to play in the European Cups. I congratulate them. Of course, I congratulate the success of Bursaspor. A surprise that no one expected. They came to the finals by playing away all the time. Virtus Bologna is a very experienced team. They lost in the final. A positive It was the result. Bahçeşehir College is a team led by Erhan Ernak. It is an important success for them as well. I congratulate them as well.”

“We don’t make any effort for the development of the players”

Expressing his views on the fact that Turkish representatives do not have the chance to play in the European cups, Aydın Örs said, “We can overcome this problem by training better players, but more importantly, by developing these players. The Individual Development Certificate Program exists for them. We train players to a certain extent, but “We don’t make any effort for their development afterwards. We need to train them physically, mentally and technically.” made a statement.

Noting that some of our clubs’ infrastructures are not bad, the experienced coach said, “I believe they will make up for it. We should not criticize Anadolu Efes too much. The head coach is given a goal, ‘Final Four or the championship.’ If the Turkish player can compete at a high level, coach can give him a chance. Sertaç (Şanlı) took this chance more than Ergin Hoca and transferred to Barcelona. A little bit, the players have to enter that competition before they see themselves as sufficient. Nobody gives an opportunity to the players on the golden platter. and said, ‘Come, play on that team at the top level.’ “You will work and you will take the jersey by force. Mirsad Türkcan took the jersey from me by force at the age of 17-18. I did not give it. He took it. I think it will be better in the coming years.” made its assessment.

Aydın Örs, who gave information about the work of the Turkish Basketball Federation Education Board, of which he is the chairman, said, “After Hidayet Türkoğlu became the President of the Turkish Basketball Federation, they made a suggestion for me to head the Board of Education and establish a new team. We started working with a nice team in February 2018. More or less. It has been 4 years. The aim is to train Turkish coaches who are internationally competitive, better equipped and visionary. We are doing our best for this.” he concluded by saying.



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