Aaron Judge is ready for refereeing

Although it’s not a process he’s likely to like, New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge says he’s ready for the arbitration session scheduled for Friday.

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The star player is playing out the final year of his contract in 2022. The Bronx Bombardiers offered him a seven-year, $17 million annual contract extension before the start of the season, but he declined.

According to the Major League Baseball website, the 30-year-old athlete is looking for a deal that would earn him $21 million a year.

“For me, it’s pretty simple: I love this team and this organization, but it’s a ‘business’ that I don’t like sometimes,” Judge said Tuesday.

“I don’t think a lot of people like it. I don’t think the team likes it. It’s something you have to get through, we deal with it and move on.”

So far this season, Judge has had tremendous success at bat. He notably hit 25 home runs, a major league high. The star player, however, ensures that his performance is not related to the desire to obtain a new contract.

“I’m not really motivated by that kind of thing,” he said. I’m more motivated by the type of team we have. There is a lot of talent here and we have a great opportunity ahead of us. I try to focus on that and it’s pretty easy to block out the rest.”



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