A1 series basketball, Marie-Michelle Milapie arrives at the Magnolia Campobasso court

Di Magnolia bears the initial letter (M) in the beginning of both first names, surname and even his own nickname (Michou). The second French player (the other, Alyssa Lawrence, however, also had an American passport) in the history of #fiorid Acciaio is a pivot destined to be one of the main factors of the rossoblù team for the coming season.

Seventh announcement (and third new entry) in the La Molisana Magnolia Basket Campobasso staff, Marie-Michelle Milapie is ready to be the totem of the rossoblù group in what will be the third magnolias tournament in the top flight.

MY JOURNEY Twenty-six years old (she was born on February 6, 1996) of 192 centimeters, the long transalpine has from her an important path in the youth teams of the French national team and at the transalpine technical training center with a fifth place at the under 19 world championships in Russia in 2015 and a series figures of all substance to the under 16 and under 18 Europeans, but above all to those under 20 in 2016 (13.3 points per game). She entered the senior world with Basket Landes with whom she lived for five seasons and also won a French Cup, then she played two championships in Montpellier and the last tournament in the Flammes Carolo. For her there are also several playoffs, six experiences in the EuroCup (the last one in the playoffs in which she also crossed paths with a former rossoblù as the Lithuanian Želnytė) and one in the Euroleague. An intense path studded, however, in the last period also by a bit of bad luck with physical problems both in the second season in Montpellier and during the winter phase, in the last tournament, in Charlevilles-Mézièrs, then finding the field in the decisive phase of the tournament with the playoffs achieved both in the EuroCup and in the French championship. In this period of time, among other things, the last Campobassano arrival was in the transalpine major national team, being part of the long list in view of the 2018 World Cup and also competing in some qualifying matches for the 2019 European Championships.

MA REVOLUTION And now the desire to shake up his career, also thanks to the desire for revenge from the bad luck he had to deal with in the last period. Hence, thus, this first adventure outside thehexagon.

«This is my first experience abroad – confirmation – and being able to do it in an ambitious formation makes me happy, for the fact that I can be part of this project with what are my personal stimuli to give my best for the cause, to put myself in sight and to relaunch myself from one last season not easy, trying to bring the team where our path will lead us. I have put aside the last injuries and I have a summer to prepare myself in the best possible way and reach 100% for the start of the preparation ».

GO BLUES With the intention – perhaps – of returning to being among the players in sight for the tricolor selection in the perspective of Paris 2024. “Certainly there is also this thought, even if now it is not the primary objective. The intent is to make a season at the top without any kind of problem and if it will be so why not be able to regain a place in the national team, but I repeat now I want to focus on myself, on my season, on Campobasso, then for the rest yes. will see ».

MY PHILOSOPHY Looking at itself, the last graft among the #fiorid Acciaio describes itself as follows: «I am a very combative pivot, I like to take rebounds and fight under the basket. I am very athletic, I like running, jumping, working defensively. In attack I like the shots in the painted, in particular the fadeaway ».

WHERE HAPPINESS IS An aspect that strongly intrigues Michou is being able to live an experience in contact with the supporters of the Arena. “I can’t wait to meet them – he claims – and I have high expectations of them. I’ve been part of clubs that had a very warm support, like in Basket Landes or Charleville, so I can’t wait to meet the people of Campobasso, to give my best for them and I hope they will push us in all circumstances during the season in I arrive”.

QUESTIONS FOR A CHAMPION Milapie will talk about her experience in the rossoblù in the coming weeks with an absolute reference such as Sandrine Gruda. “And it will be an opportunity for me to get more details, also trying to revive what was a challenge, for example against Schio, Venice or Virtus Bologna, crossings that have already been part of my past, and that’s why I don’t see the time to discover the whole Italian championship as a whole ».

YOU WILL FIND Moreover, the upcoming season will also be that of the French centers in Italy. In fact, in Magnolia-Virtus Bologna, the rossoblù totem will have to contend with the transalpine colleague ex Tango Bourges Iliana Rupert.

“It will certainly be special to find yourself facing outside the French borders – acknowledges milapiehowever, no friendship on the parquet, because it will be Campobasso against Bologna and I hope that in the end it will be my team that celebrates ».

I GIVE YOU Because, after all, speaking of the goals for the upcoming season, the center of the magnolias is very clear. «My personal goal will be to be able to always be in top physical shape – glosses – in every match, to continue to grow, to improve the club for what I hope will be a great season, trying to reach finals or titles, because I really want to conquer other ambitious goals and it would be perfect to do so with Campobasso ».



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