A tour of the most popular sports in Mexico

Since ancient times, sport has been one of the most important activities for society, where young athletes made demonstrations of strength, skills and abilities to achieve greatness. There are many sports disciplines that are practiced today, but do you know what the most popular sports in Mexico?

The deportation It attracts many fans around the world and Mexico is no exception. Whether as a spectator or through practice, Mexicans dedicate many hours to sports competitions.

Most popular sports in Mexico

Next we want to take you on a tour of the most popular sports in Mexico.


It can be said that soccer is the universal sport, with the most followers around the world, for something it is called “The king sport”. And Mexico is not far behind as much as a fanatic as for having one of the best international teams.

Football has the first place among the most popular sports in Mexico. It should be noted that Mexico was the host country for the World Cup in 1970 and 1986. And in 2026 it will share the venue with the United States and Canada, which will make it the first country to host three World Cup events.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Mexico and has reached a very high level. It has the First Division MX Leaguethe most important football competition in the country.

The best-known teams with the most followers are: América, Chivas Guadalajara, Cruz Azul and Pumas.


One of the most popular sports in Mexico is, without a doubt, the box. In addition to being practiced both at a professional and amateur level, it is the cradle of great world champions and the second sport that has given the country the most Olympic medals.

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Many of the world champions are Mexican, including: Antonio Margarito, Juan Manuel Márquez, Julio César Chávez, Raúl García and Salvador Sánchez, Ricardo López “The Finite”

Other well-known figures of Mexican boxing are Saul Alvarez “Canelo” and Mariana “Barbie” Juárez.


Another one from the list of most popular sports in Mexico is baseball and occupies second place in the sports preferences of Mexicans. This discipline was introduced by the United States during the Mexican War and adopted by the country that is already a reference in the sport of baseball.

Two baseball leagues are played in Mexico: the Mexican League (LMB), where 16 teams participate, and the Mexican Pacific League (LMP), where 8 teams compete.

Among the most popular teams in Mexico are the Diablos Rojos, the Sultanes de Monterrey and the Tigres de Quintana.

Mexico also participates in the Caribbean Series, a regional championship between teams that are powerhouses in baseball, where established baseball players also play in the Major Leagues.


It ranks fourth among the most popular sports in Mexico and rising within the preferences of Mexicans who are enthusiastic followers of Juan Toscano in the NBA and of young prospects such as Gael Bonilla and Mariana Valenzuela, who are about to join the ranks of the NBA and WNBA.

Mexicans like to watch, play or find out about this sport, especially since 2000, when the National Professional Basketball League emerged, which has had great relevance due to its quality and competitiveness.


Wrestling, in addition to being one of the most popular sports in Mexico, is part of a tradition that mixes entertainment and sport. Colorful masks, flashy costumes, and wrestlers performing amazing stunts.

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The wrestling It is a symbol of the country, in fact, it has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mexico City, the capital, as an expression of the identity of popular culture.

Some of the most famous wrestlers are: El Santo, Blue Demon, Mil Mascaras, Dr. Wagner, Anibal, Ray Mendoza or Rayo de Jalisco.


It’s one of the most popular sports in Mexico which also has a American Football League made up of 12 teams.

This discipline has a league founded in 2016 and the increase in fans in the country has aroused the interest of hundreds of young people who have joined the practice of this sports discipline with a view to professional development.


not one of the most popular sports in MexicoHowever, he still has 21.8 percent of the preferences thanks to the Mexican driver Sergio Pérez, who is always in the fight in Formula 1.

Another category very followed by fans of the sport of speed is NASCAR.


The Mexican Tennis Federation was created in 1963 and since then it has not stopped growing and expanding, making tennis one of the most popular sports in Mexico and consolidating the country as a stage with the Mexico Open which is celebrated annually in Acapulco. This is one of the ATP 500 and WTA 250 category competitions.


Taekwondo is no longer uncommon, it is one of the most popular sports in Mexicowith many followers, more than 3,500 schools and more than 2 million taekwondo practitioners in the country, who have led to significant victories in this sport.

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Martial arts have become popular in Mexico that adopted these practices and made it an Olympic flag sport. Mexican athletes have won gold and bronze medals at the Olympic Games and many others in world events of the discipline.


Although this discipline is not the most popular, it has reached Olympic levels thanks to talented Mexican swimmers such as Liliana Ibáñez López and Nuria Diosdado.

Importance of sport in Mexico

According to the Sports Practice and Physical Exercise Module of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), only 42 percent of the population aged 18 and over practices some sport. However, the number of followers of sports disciplines is significant.

But there is no denying that Mexicans are good at many sports and know how to excel in their disciplines when it comes to competing in a championship.

The history of mexican sports It dates back to pre-Hispanic times when they were an essential part of society, as a sign of political, military, religious power and the physical strength that competitors could demonstrate on the playing field.

The digital age brings sport to any corner of the world. From any device connected to the internet, you can follow the big matches regardless of the time or the place of the competition.

Mexico has always been an enthusiast of high-level sports competition and has participated in major national and world competitions at all levels. The Mexican teams are always a reason for attention for their brave performance.

Sport is a very important part of Mexican culture. Mexicans see, practice and learn about very diverse disciplines that have become the most popular sports in Mexico.



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