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The end of an era at Olympique de Marseille.

Will leave, won’t leave? The vagueness reigns concerning Steve Mandanda (37 years old, 9 games in L1 this season), and the answer differs depending on who asks the question. “Where do you want me to go?” the Olympique de Marseille goalkeeper replied to the fans after the last match of the season, but the tone would be different with his teammates.

According to La Provence, Mandanda is indeed wondering about his future, he who is courted by Rennes to compete or even replace Alfred Gomis. And the former Le Havre “would have opened up about a possible departure” to certain members of the locker room before going on vacation, tell our colleagues.

A priori, everything will depend on the discussion between Mandanda and coach Jorge Sampaoli at the start. The world champion does not want to relive a season similar to the one that has just passed, spent largely on the bench of substitutes.

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