A stamp issued for the 120th anniversary of the Italian Federation of Judo Fighting Karate Martial Arts

The Italian Federation of Judo Fight Karate Martial Arts (FIJLKAM) is 120 years old: it is remembered by a stamp issued today and valid for ordinary mail. The vignette of the postal value depicts the “Matteo Pellicone” Federal Olympic Center located in Ostia Lido and three pairs of athletes representing the main sports of the FIJLKAM: Wrestling, Judo and Karate, each represented with the colors conventionally attributed by the Federation to each discipline.

In the illustrative bulletin accompanying the issue of the stamp it is recalled that the long journey of the FIJLKAM began thanks to the Marquis Luigi Monticelli Obizzi, who on 18 January 1902 founded the Italian Athletic Federation in Milan, of which he was president until March 1911. The Federation today manages Wrestling, Judo and Karate, as well as various non-Olympic fighting disciplines. Over the years, FIJLKAM athletes have won more than 1300 medals in top international competitions (including 56 Olympic medals since London 1908).

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