A sensational Álvaro Morán is proclaimed double Andalusian U-19 badminton champion

Athletes from IES La Orden in the Autonomous Championships of Andalusia Sub-15 and Sub-19 held in Benalmádena.

S. D. The Badminton Club IES La Orden has shone again over the weekend in the Regional Championships of Andalusia Sub-15 and Sub-19 celebrated in Benalmadena (Malaga). One of his players, Alvaro Moranhas become double Andalusian champion U-19 after climbing to the top of the podium in men’s singles and doublesa great success for the man from Huelva, who this year made his debut in this category.

Morán managed to advance to the individual final after defeating Jorge Moriel (21-9 and 21-16), Iván Torre (21-12 and 21-17) and Guillermo Nuviala (21-9 and 21-16). In the last game, he handily outplayed Guillermo Figueras from Jaen by 21-11 and 21-14getting the gold medal.

Good performance by Rubén Carreras at the Austrian Open Under 17.
Good performance by Rubén Carreras at the Austrian Open Under 17.

Huelva midfielder he made a pair with Figuerayes They both went through rounds until they reached the finalin which they defeated the couple composed of Christian Arias and Martin Mosquera by 21-14 and 21-15, proclaiming themselves champions of the men’s doubles category.

To the two gold medals are added other bronze four achieved by IES La Orden in these championships. Karen Martin managed to get on the podium in women’s singles and women’s doubles under 19. Natalie Martinez also did in under 15 women’s doubles and with her partner David Moreno in mixed doubles.

To close this weekend, we must also highlight the participation of the athlete from IES La Orden Ruben Carreras in the Austrian Open U17, who managed to get to third round in mixed doubles.



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