A renovation project to renovate the streetball sanctuary “Yoyogi Park Basketball Court” has started –Basketball Count |

Aim to raise half of the repair costs by crowdfunding

On June 15th, the project “YOYOGI PARK PLAYGROUND Renovation Project” was started to completely renovate the Yoyogi Park basketball court.

The Yoyogi Park Basketball Court was donated by Nike Japan Co., Ltd. to Tokyo in 2005 as a “sports playground that anyone can use at any time.” In addition, the 5on5 street basketball tournament “ALL DAY”, which was born with the donation in 2005, has been kept for 17 years and has discharged many players to various categories such as the B League and the Japanese national team of three-player basketball.

In 2006, the late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant visited and donated a spectator bench. Also, in 2018, the same NBA star Russell Westbrook came to Japan and played with Yuta Tabuse and Yuki Togashi, making it a playground widely known both in Japan and abroad as a sacred place for street basketball in Japan.

The court was renovated only once in 2009. After that, although partial repairs were carried out, it was finally time for the coat, which had been damaged by aging, to be completely repaired. And this time, the executive committee consisting of “ALL DAY” and “Pickup Playground”, and the affiliated organization “Shibuya Mirai Design” in Shibuya Ward, and Yoyogi Park have formed a partnership, and this summer, the court will be independent. To make a renovation. Then, it was decided to aim to raise half of the repair cost by crowdfunding.

Outline of “YOYOGI PARK PLAYGROUND Renovation Project”
[To be carried out this time]
・ Floor renovation of 2 basketball courts in Yoyogi Park (north and south)
・ Repair of rings and backboards on 2 sides (north and south sides) of Yoyogi Park basketball court (4 units)
・ Redesigned two floors

[Cost required for complete renovation]
Approximately 15 million yen * Aim to procure half of it by crowdfunding

Crowdfunding page

Period: June 15, 2022 (Water) 18:00 ~ July 15 (Gold) ~ 23:00



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