A publication on social networks revived the war between the Racing and Deportivo Cali bars for the theft of a flag

The troops arrested the violent Deportivo Cali in the Costanera Sur area

Last month there was a climate of high tension between the bars of Racing and of Deportivo Cali for a stolen flag in the Cilindro de Avellaneda. The Colombians made fun of the situation and it generated the fury of the official albiceleste faction, which began a hunt that led, for example, to the attack of a group of Green fans on a train. This Thursday a new chapter was written: in an Instagram account of the coffee bias they posted a photo with the “rag” that would be the one that had been stolen.

The Colombians were in Buenos Aires to encourage their team that visited Boca Juniors for the Copa Libertadores. With the excuse of wanting to see the field, a group managed to cross the entrance to the Cylinder. In fact, there is a suspicion that they were helped, since the Deportivo Cali bar had a very close relationship with the old Imperial Guard led by the Escobar brothers. A dissident faction of the Argentine bars would have allowed the theft of the flag to the supposed leader of the Colombian bar whose name would be “Camilo” which in turn would have given the flag to the leader of the Radical Front, called Frank Rojas,

Immediately the bias called “The kids of Racing”, which is the one that today commands the popular academic, moved to be able to recover the flag that was stolen. While the Colombians showed the flag, the Racing bar, in their networks, after making the complaint, the persecution began. The club’s supporter journalist Leandro Adonio Belli found an audio of the head of the violent Racing, Leandro Paredesin which he threatened to find and liquidate them.

The posting of the Unión Legionario Front with the flag (@flu1.999)
The posting of the Unión Legionario Front with the flag (@flu1.999)

The Racing Boys returned and threatened the members of the Verdiblanco Radical Front of Deportivo Cali with going for it all in the banner that they were going to do to their team at the Obelisk and they they responded with a defiant audio. But the words ended the next day when the Academy bar intercepted Cali fans at the Roca Railroad and with white weapons they attacked six Colombians. The aggression occurred on the Ezeiza-Constitución route at the height of the Gerli station. The formation had to stop so that the Police, alerted by passengers, entered.

Given this scenario, Security was on red alert and knew that preventive action was key to avoiding a clash between the two factions that could have ended in a tragedy. The Criminal Conduct Division of the Sports Events Directorate of the City Police carried out a survey and observed that among the “rags” that the Colombians were waving in Madero Port, there was one that had been reflected in the videos that had been uploaded to social networks boasting of what was done on the Racing field.

Thus, an operation was set up in the area of ​​Costanera Sur, where the Colombians were located, and it ended with the arrest of 17 people and more than 50 delayed. After the search, the security agents found an arsenal of facas, mittens and knives and they avoided the final battle against the Racing bar.

It happened in a formation that went from Alejandro Korn to Constitución

We just averted a tragedy. We are going to request the intervention of Immigration for the expulsion of those who intervened because we want to deport them immediately. We have 50 detainees with knives, mittens and knives”, he told Infobae the Minister of Justice and Security of the City, Marcelo D’Alessandro.

The action of the Police was key since Los Pibes de Racing were going to go look for the coffee growers and the eventual clash was imminent. After these episodes it transpired that the stolen flag had been recovered by the City Police. However, this Thursday, on the Instagram account of the Front Legionary Union (FLU) group, they posted a photo with the flag. In its profile on said social network, the FLU shows its loyalty to the Radical Front, which would have received the flag after that robbery in the Avellaneda Cylinder.

Note on the left the white weapons that were seized in the police operation
Note on the left the white weapons that were seized in the police operation


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