A must-see for basketball lovers !! Report for those who missed the legendary night “B.LEAGUE AWARD SHOW 2021-22” | GQ JAPAN

“From now on, I want to prove that I can fight and win the world even if I am less than 180 cm tall. I want to give dreams to small children. I want to grow the Japanese basketball world by enlivening B.LEAGUE. I also want to grow so that B.LEAGUE can produce a lot of world-class players. “

The theme of B.LEAGUE for the 2021-22 season is “DRIVE YOU CRAZY”. It can be said that Yuma Fujii, who made the arena enthusiastic by directing numerous scoring opportunities, showed an activity suitable for this theme. And Fujii’s sincere words should have reached many fans and raised expectations for next season.

In this way, “B.LEAGUE AWARD SHOW 2021-22” ended.

In the second part, I will introduce the coordination of denim that has attracted a lot of attention.

Yuma Fujii, who was selected as the best five for three consecutive seasons, finally won the MVP. And he left a moving award comment.


This year’s award is three-pronged!

On June 2nd, the day before,


In order to make basketball even more exciting, “TAILGATE PARTY” and “AFTER PARTY” were held before and after “AWARD SHOW” at “B.LEAGUE AWARD SHOW 2021-22”.

At “TAILGATE PARTY”, which was delivered online on June 2nd (Thursday), the day before “AWARD SHOW”, “basketball families” such as representative players who were active in the Olympics and Paralympics gathered together for a cross talk. In addition to the unfolding, fun projects such as the Mascot of the Year were prepared.

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