A missile from outside the area that was hung from an angle: Villa’s great goal that opened the scoring for Boca against Barracas

Boca Juniors beat Barracas Central 3-1 on the All Boys field for the fourth date of the Professional Soccer League, with goals from Sebastián Villa at 41′ of the first half, Pol Fernández and Exequiel Zeballos, at 4′ and 23′ of the complement, respectively; Neri Bandiera, with a header, had equalized over the initial stage.

The first two goals came in the epilogue of a first stage that was very rough and badly played due to the terrible state of the playing field. However, the Colombian managed to open the scoring with an anthology goal.

At 41 ‘just completed, Sebastián Villa received the ball from his compatriot Frank Fabra in the left sector of the attack, he outlined for his right and finished off from behind the left vertex of the large area.


The Colombian’s shot was so powerful that although the local goalkeeper Rodrigo Saracho was well placed and flew in time, he did not even touch the ball, which ended up embedded in the angle.

The advantage did not last long for Boca Juniors, since at 46 minutes after a corner very well taken by Iván Tapia, Neri Bandiera hit a perfect header to harm Agustín Rossi, who also stretched but could do nothing.

In the complement, Boca Juniors quickly took the lead again and again thanks to the Colombians. This time, it was Sebastián Villa who made the usual pause in his attack, letting Frank Fabra pass behind him and put in a precise deep pass.

The side reached the bottom, launched a low center to the small area for the arrival of Guillermo Fernández in the race. A goal that gave Xeneize peace of mind in a very difficult match against Guapo.

From then on, Sebastián Battaglia’s team loosened up and began to show a more fluid game, completely opposite to the initial one. Pol Fernández, Luis Advíncula grew up, but above all Frank Fabra, who ended up being the great figure.

Exequiel Zeballos was the one who scored the final 3-1 at 22′, after a rude defensive error by Barracas Central, who knew how to capitalize on Chango, who opened for Villa and went to look for the discharge in the heart of the area. There, the young star did not get nervous and defined.




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