A forged Spartan threw a glove at Dan. The key to Prague as the biggest motivation

As a player, a native of Vsetín came to Sparta at the age of eighteen and with short breaks he still works in various positions. Fifty-two-year-old Michal Horňák won ten championship titles at Letná during his playing career, seven of them in a separate league.

It is so symbolic that the forged Spartan managed to conquer Eden as a substitute coach after Pavel Vrba’s dismissal, which his predecessors tried in vain in the league for eight years.

“I am honored to have been able to lead the team that defeated Slavia. We would like to defend the key next season, “smiles the coach, who returned to the bench of the second-league B-team after Brian Priske joined the first team.

Other members of the Spartan delegation in the Brožík Hall were team leader Miroslav Baranek, players Dávid Hancko, Ladislav Krejčí Jr. and communication director Ondřej Kasík.

The Derby is a few weeks old, but the memories are still alive. Especially for Hložek’s winning goal, which he gave Slavia for the first time in his career just before he left for Leverkusen.

“The elusive bomb from the direct kick was Adam’s last touch with the ball in Sparta, so in his career, everything came together beautifully at the end of one period,” Hancko points out.

Adam Hložek was caught by the teammates and knocked down on the lawn …Photo:

In any case, Horňák also threw a glove to Dan, who permanently replaced him as a coach. The players definitely take the key from Prague as a great motivation for the next season.

“I hope we will never be here again. It would mean that we will continue to win. Hopefully it will be so, “Krejčí smirks.

The ceremony at the town hall only takes place if the owner of the key changes.

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