a first gold medal in triathlon for Tahiti and a match won in badminton • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

No mercy for Tahiti, during its first team match against the Mariana Islands. Our athletes win 5 to 0 for their entry into the running. The team competition is played over 5 matches with a men’s singles, a women’s singles, a men’s doubles, a women’s doubles and finally, a mixed doubles. If the competition starts quite easily, our badminton players know that the rest will be more difficult.

Six nations will meet for the title. The first nation in the standings at the end of the three days of team competitions will win the gold medal.

(Photo credit: Tahiti Nui Television)

In triathlon, Benjamin Zorgnotti won the first gold medal for Tahiti. He finished the first event of the triathlon in 58.30 minutes.

The va’a races also started this morning. Tahiti largely dominates its series for the moment, the finals are currently taking place.