A distinction for the secretary of the judo club

Association. Célia Jacob, secretary general of the judo club of Langres was presented by Thierry Masson, president of the departmental committee of Haute-Marne de Judo and teacher of the judo club, with a diploma of involvement awarded by the French Judo Federation.

This diploma is a just reward for the action she has taken in the service of the club since she took up her duties as a member of the office. Célia Jacob began judo in 2003 at the Langres dojo with Jean-Claude Noël as a teacher, then she continued to train and progress within the judo club to obtain her 1st Dan in 2017. Subsequently, she decided in 2021 to get involved in the new office which will be elected and will be designated as general secretary of the club by the members of this office, she therefore becomes a member of the club’s steering committee. The work of general secretary is a job behind the scenes: managing registrations, writing emails, preparing letters, administrative follow-up of the club… but it is essential work for the proper functioning of the club. All of this she does on a voluntary basis.

Congratulations to Célia for this distinction obtained during the 50th anniversary of the judo club of Langres and we would like to thank her for the work she does on a daily basis for the club.

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