A club on the rise

In a very friendly atmosphere indicating good cohesion within the group, the members of Plaimpied-Givaudins-Badminton (PGBad*) met on Friday evening for their fifth general assembly.

This young and dynamic team has fifty-one members, an increase of more than 37%. In addition to the twenty-nine leisure players and twenty-two competitors, the club has a school labeled one star by the French Badminton Federation where twelve young people aged 10 to 16 are registered. The club is also fortunate to have an accredited federal umpire. Few in number in France, it is the only one in the entire Cher.

Over the last season, the PGBad entered five teams, two in leisure interclub meetings and three in competition (two in the regional cup and one in the division three departmental championship). A clear progression in terms of level is to be noted with many more players ranked compared to previous years.

The flagship event of the year was the organization of the first edition of the Bad in Plaimpied (BiP) which was a great success in terms of the number of registrants (one hundred and thirty-five for thirty clubs) and the regional influence over two days of competition with two hundred and five matches. This event will be repeated in 2023, in the spring.

Restart animations

Several other projects are underway for the 2022-2023 season, including the relaunch of activities within the club, participation in various championships, the training of a competition manager and organizer and a facilitator.

Office: president, Christophe Lemerle; vice-president, Marine Duplant; secretary, Stephanie Monclin; deputy, Jean-Loup Bourdin; treasurer, CĂ©line Colin; deputy, Florence Heller; assistant, Carole Tiran. Practice.



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