A cash superstar: “A lot of people are trying to recruit me”

Free agency will begin in just a few days, and is already starting to cause a stir within the league. A big name from the East could in particular agitate it, and would, according to his own admission, already be the subject of intensive canvassing by other stars!

While the opening of the market is fast approaching, the various major issues that should animate it are beginning to settle. Free agency will soon open its doors in the NBA, with several potentially accessible prime targets for teams looking for XXL reinforcement. In this context, eyes are likely to turn mainly towards the East.

Indeed, several stars of the conference will soon have to make a choice concerning the player option they have, and could choose to decline it. This is for example the case of Zach Lavine at the Bulls, Kyrie Irving at the Nets, or even Bradley Beal at the Wizards. The suitors behind Washington, however, would not have waited for his decision to try to seduce him.

Bradley Beal, subject of all desires in the league

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Beal revealed that he has already made up his mind about his future. This remains unknown for the moment, which makes it possible to maintain the fantasies which surround the triple All-Star. His courtiers can thus keep hope, even if they will have to deal with a big competition, as the player himself revealed to Noah Trister of AP :

The Wizards’ offseason hinges on the Beal case. With his player option for next year, he can become a free agent, and although he indicated earlier this year that he was leaning towards an extension in Washington, there are other teams that would like to welcome him. This was even made clear by Beal when asked how many people tried to recruit him. “A lot, but you know I can’t give you names. »

Unsurprisingly, Beal has no shortage of requests outside of the US capital. The rival teams hope to take advantage of DC’s uncertain future to convince its star to pack up and join them. The Lakers would notably be part of the list of franchises likely to welcome him if he leaves this summer. Unfortunately for them, the trend remains unfavorable.

A few days ago, the Wiz scorer said he wanted to play in an ambitious team in which he would be in a position to win, while ensuring that Washington met this description. A declaration which testifies to his affection and his loyalty for his frankness of always, and which leaves little room for doubt concerning his future on the spot.

Coveted from all sides, Bradley Beal himself admits to be overwhelmed by invitations from teams other than the Wizards. The next few days will tell if one of them will have succeeded in making him change his mind, which would be quite a feat!



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