7 Cubans in Spain’s pre-selection for the World Baseball Classic – SwingComplete

By José Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

To say that Cuban baseball is in crisis is not an absolute truth in these times. In fact, I would dare to say, that it is false. One thing is that the level of baseball that is played within the island, in the National Series and other individuals associated with the Cuban Federation, has dropped considerably and another is to enjoy daily the brilliance that Cuban baseball players give to the different leagues of the world, whether in Europe, Asia, Latin America or the Big Top itself.

A total of eight teams divided into two qualifying groups will participate in said contest, including two local teams and one per capita from the United States, France, Greece, Europe and Canada, in addition to the Spanish.

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These players currently play in the Division of Honor of baseball in Spain, six of them in the San Inazio Bilbao club, with outstanding results in their respective positions, so they could make the grade to the national team, if the migratory conditions of each who allow it.

Faced with the difficulty of having opportunities in a Cuban team, they have sought to carve out a path in Spanish lands and could achieve some of their immediate objectives shortly.

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