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Bogotá DC, June 27, 2022 (IDRD).- In the land of vallenato and to the rhythm of an accordion, the Bogotá Team started its participation in the XIX Valledupar Bolivarian Sports Games 2022 brilliantly, contributing six gold medals so that Colombia marched solidly in first place in the fairs, after three first days.

Gold medals have been won in judo, fencing, speed skating, karate and artistic gymnastics; In addition, he has obtained a silver medal in fencing and two bronze medals also in fencing and bowling. That is to say, the Bogotá Team has 9 medals, divided into 6 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.

“We are happy with this wonderful start of our Bogotá Team athletes in the Bolivarian Games. They are giving everything and have contributed six gold medals for Colombia to be in first place. Congratulations to them and may we continue to give so much satisfaction to the people of Bogota and the country”, said Blanca Durán, director of the IDRD.

gold everywhere

The gold harvest was started in judo by John Jairo Futtinico Vargas, who defeated Venezuelan Iván Salas (who won silver) by 100-0 in the final, demonstrating his superiority. The bronze went to the Panamanian Bernabé Vergara. Futtinico defeated the Peruvian Dilmer Calle 11-1 in his first match, and in the semifinals the Dominican Leandro Pepín 100-10.

The fencer Santiago Pachón, in foil, gold in teams and individual bronze. Photo IDRD/courtesy COC.

The second Bogota gold came in fencing at the hands of Santiago Pachón and David Ospina, who were part of the Colombian quartet along with Jorge Murillo and Miguel Grajales, winning men’s teams in foil, defeating Peru 45-0 and Venezuela by the same score in the final.

Then came two consecutive golds with skating races, in the long-distance test, the 10,000-meter elimination. In the ladies, Gabriela Rueda showed her category to beat the Ecuadorian Gabriela Vargas (silver) and the Venezuelan Angy Quintero (bronze) in the auction. In the men, Andrés Felipe Gómez won the gold, after a great job with his partner Juan Jacobo Mantilla (silver); the bronze went to Chilean Hugo Ramírez.

Gabriela Rueda (left) and Andrés F. Gómez, gold in long-distance skating.  IDRD photos/courtesy COC.
Gabriela Rueda (left) and Andrés F. Gómez, gold in long-distance skating. IDRD photos/courtesy COC.

Those two golds had not just been celebrated, when karate delivered the fifth gold medal, through Juan Camilo Fernández, who won the gold medal in the kumite (combat) category of -60 kgs, winning in the final 1-0 to Guatemalan Pedro Pablo de la Rosa (silver). On his way to gold, he defeated the Peruvian Amado Escalante, lost to the Venezuelan César Riera, beat the Panamanian Roberto Payares, the Ecuadorian Douglas Ayala, and in the semifinal the Chilean Enrique Villalón.

Juan Camilo Fernandez, gold in kumite karate -60 kg.  IDRD photo.
Juan Camilo Fernandez, gold in kumite karate -60 kg. IDRD Photo.

And the sixth gold medal went to artistic gymnastics with Laura Valentina Pardo, who was part of the Colombian sextet that added 187.45 points and became champion, leaving the silver for Peru and the bronze for Panama.

A silver medal was also added with Oriana Tovar Karaindros in fencing sword modality women’s teams integrating the national quartet. The silver went to Venezuela and the bronze to Chile.

And two bronzes were achieved, one in bowling with Manuel Otálora in individual men’s, and one in fencing with Santiago Pachón in individual foil.




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