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From May to October, we are underwater. In some cases it is literal, between hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions, the floods do not wait. The streets become rivers and the potholes lagoons. Then, How to get home with dry shoes or sneakers? Impossible! Here the question would be, what to do to make them dry quickly?

And it is not only to remove the humidity, it is also eliminate the bad smell and prevent them from getting bigger or ugly. On the other hand, there is your health, since beyond a cold it can give you trench foot.

Why shouldn’t you walk with wet shoes?

Yes it is uncomfortable to feel the water crushed between the fingers and templates. However, it is the lesser of evils. Keeping your feet wet and secluded for a long time (4 or 6 hours), can cause a medical problem called trench foot or immersion, they describe The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This condition causes foot pain, swelling, and heaviness.. Ideally, when you get home, immediately clean and dry your feet, then soak them in warm water for 5 minutes. When sleeping, try to place them in an elevated position, this will allow them to recover heat and the natural flow of blood.

4 tricks to dry shoes and sneakers easily and quickly

1- The rice trick

The first thing you should do is remove the excess of water with a rag, to do this press the fabric against the surface of the piece and the inside of it. Now, spread out a flannel and place a handful of rice in the middle of it, the one of your choice, tie with a ribbon and place inside your shoes. Let act for the whole night.

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2- The newsprint trick

Remove the insoles from the shoes, and set them aside to dry. Now crumple several sheets of paper. Once you form balls, place them inside the shoe. This material will absorb the wet and will not leave any odor.

Advice. There is a variation of this trick, once the shoes or sneakers are full, wrap them in two or three sheets of newspaper. Leave for 3 to 4 hours, after that time check if they have dried or need to be renewed.

3- The hair dryer trick

Place the tennis shoes on the table, now turn the dryer on cold mode and place them about 10 to 15 centimeters apart. It directs the direct current inside to speed up its drying.

4- The silica gel trick

They are the sachets found in bags and shoe boxes. However, it can be purchased in large quantities at hardware stores. In a box, empty the gel and place your shoes there, let it rest for a few hours. You will see that they are completely dry.

For To avoid a bad smell, the best option is to sprinkle baking soda inside the shoe or put a little alcohol. With this you will neutralize the aromas.

Now that you know how to dry your shoes and sneakers quickly, you won’t have to leave them for days or say goodbye to them. Although keeping them dry can be difficult, with the rains.



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