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27 events for four months!Zhejiang Sports helps 26 counties in mountainous areas develop together

2022-06-21 19:59:14

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Text / Wei Wenjing

  Zhejiang Online June 21st (Text/Wei Wenjing official source)Organize sports events in mountainous areas, so that people in mountainous areas can participate in national fitness at home, see more exciting sports competitions, and enjoy the dividends brought by the development of sports. On the morning of June 21, the press conference of the series of events of Zhejiang Sports to help 26 counties in mountainous areas was held at the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau.

At the press conference, Hu Guoping, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, presented the flag to Jingning County, where the opening station was held. Representatives of 27 associations and representatives of 26 counties in the mountainous area signed a pairing assistance agreement on the spot, giving play to the active role of the province’s sports work in organizing national fitness and organizing events and activities, and helping the common development of sports in the 26 counties in the mountainous area.


Women’s gymnastics Olympic champion Jiang Yuyuan and badminton world champion Wang Lin, as publicity and promotion ambassadors, issued a declaration of support for sports events in 26 counties in mountainous areas. They said that national fitness is an important measure for sports to help common prosperity. It is hoped that the people in the mountainous areas will gain a better sense of life and happiness through sports as a high-quality carrier, and run the road to prosperity together in a more positive state.

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“In May of this year, the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau issued the “Ten Measures to Support 26 Counties in Mountainous Areas and High-Quality Development”. This event release is one of the major projects. It is a specific content of the preliminary action plan and the implementation of the cooperation agreement. “Hu Guoping said that at present, various activities including a series of sports events, pairing of sports associations and the integrated development of the sports industry have been gradually launched, which have played a good response in 26 counties. Support the development of a series of events in 26 counties in the mountainous area through sports, build a multi-level and diversified event system, let more people participate in the ranks of national fitness, inject sports resources into the mountainous area, promote regional exchanges, and enhance the economic vitality of the mountainous area. .


It is understood that the series of events will last from June to October this year, and will focus on the theme of “National Fitness, Going for Common Wealth and Celebrating the Party’s 20th National Congress”, and 27 sports events will be held in 26 counties in mountainous areas. As the first stop of the series of events, Gao Weimiao, deputy director of the Culture, Broadcasting, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Jingning She Autonomous County, is full of expectations: “This time we are connecting with the Square Dance Association and the Street Dance Association. By holding the event to promote the development of national fitness in Jingning County, Let the people in Jingning Mountains see a higher level of sports competition, and I believe that after this, our national fitness in Jingning will form a new climax.”

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