21-year-old US college basketball star Darius Lee shot dead

Tragedy in the world of college basketball. The young promise of the Houston Baptist, Darius Leehas died in the city of New York at the age of 21 after being shot in the neighborhood of Harlem. The player was participating in a barbecue when a violent shootout broke out.

One of the bullets hit Darius’s chest and nothing could be done for his life. In addition, in the tremendous confrontation that originated in the neighborhood of HarlemSeven other men and two women were also injured. The event was organized by Rich Rhymer.

The official media of his team, the Houston Basptists, have confirmed the terrible news through an announcement that has been made by his own coach, Ron Cottrell. The technician has been devastated after the news received and has made public the misfortune that has caused total consternation in the team from the state of Texas.

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“We are shocked and cannot understand this news. My heart breaks for his mother, his sister and his entire family, and for our basketball team. The only thing we find comfort at this time is knowing where Darius is. He is in the arms of Jesus… we know it for a fact. And we will see it again one day.”

Numerous media outlets traveled to the scene to cover the terrible event that claimed the life of this young American basketball star. There, even images of relatives could be recorded when they heard the news while expressing her deep pain.

goodbye to a star

The loss of Darius Lee has been a major shock for Houston Baptist, but also for all of American basketball, since he was considered one of its great stars of the future. For his memory, what was the best game of his career, held last year and in which he scored 52 points, has remained. He also had 18 rebounds and 5 assists. And all when he had barely turned 21 and when he was already outlining a possible arrival at the NBA.

During his senior year at the HBU Huskies, managed to average 18.2 points, 8.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 2.4 steals. Very important numbers that showed that Darius was one of the great winning projects that aspired to become a future American basketball star.

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The tragic event has been a terrible shock for all those who had followed Darius’s career since its inception, observing his great projection, especially in the scoring aspect. After receiving that shot in the chest, he was transferred to an emergency hospital, but nothing could be done for his life since his wound had been fatal.

At the moment, the police are still investigating what happened, although no arrests have yet been made. Yes, the weapon that caused the death of Darius and that started the shooting has been found, but the investigations have managed to move forward shortly after an event that has been terrible and that has caused a significant shock.



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