2030 Winter Olympics

Javier Lamban He vehemently distanced himself from the technical agreement for a joint candidacy signed by the COE and the representatives of the Spanish and Catalan governments on April 1. He was not only against the pact reached, considering that a distribution that gave 54 tests to Aragon and 42 to Catalonia was not equal, but also categorically denied that his representatives had given their consent. “All meetings are recorded, make them public without any problem,” José Ángel Hierro, an Aragonese technician in the negotiations, sentenced a month ago. El Periódico de Catalunya has had access to the recordings of the same (listen to them in the multimedia element above), in which precisely Hierro gave his agreement with the division.

Franco, Blanco and Vilagrà, at the COE headquarters in Madrid. COE

“We understand that this option may be more than acceptable and even technically enjoy approval from not only us, but as I said initially from the International Olympic Committee’s own external adviser,” the Lambán delegate pointed out at one of the meetings. .

“It was spoken in five minutes”

The agreement from which Aragón got off the hook, after six meetings, distributed the ice events, the ones that generate the most audience: hockey at Sant Jordi in Barcelona and skating and curling in Zaragoza and Jaca. The Aragonese Pyrenees hosted biathlon and cross-country skiing, while the Catalan Pyrenees hosted alpine skiing, ski mountaineering, snowboarding and freestyle.

“The distribution issue was solved a technical issue, it was discussed in five minutes,” he highlighted in the audios Charles Lanes, another of the technicians designated by Aragón, in relation to the easy distribution and without dispute of the snow tests. “The snow proposal was made by the Aragón technicians,” Blanco highlighted this Tuesday, lamenting the “lies” that there have been during the failed project.

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The president of the COE committee explained that Lambán, three days after the technical agreement, expressed his disagreement. In a statement the three Aragonese technicians (Iron, Lannes and Ricardo Aparicio) denied that there was any “proposal presented, debated and agreed”, as defended by the COE and the Catalan and Spanish governments. “[Tras la segunda reunión] the subsequent ones have been a delay in the situation without any proposal prospering from the representatives of Aragon who, at all times, have made it clear as stated in the reports of the respective meetings of the Technical Commission and will be recorded in the recordings”. Now the recordings call into question the thesis expressed by the government of Aragon.

The Catalan ‘rider’ Queralt Castellet at the recent Winter Games in Beijing.

Without votes against Aragon

After the sixth meeting, the technical committee approved the distribution of Olympic modalities with nine votes in favor and three against (none of the Aragonese representatives were against). After Lambán got off the Olympic train, the COE sounded out a new proposal that moved two events to Aragón, freestyle to Cerler and cross-country skiing to Formigal, but removed figure skating from Zaragoza. Aragón did not accept it and proposed other formulas, such as the distribution of lots and division of evidence by gender, which the Generalitat also rejected, referring to what was agreed at the time.



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