2022 MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open Spring Split Wuhan Station & Chongqing Station ended successfully

The 2022 MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open Spring Split has led everyone to experience the hot passion of the Jiangcheng Wuhan, and also experienced the Zhongling Yuxiu in the mountain city of Chongqing. On the occasion of Father’s Day on June 19, the Wuhan Station & Chongqing Station Twin Cities Tournament It ended successfully.

After fierce competition on the match day, Wuhan Station Hanlions FUN team won the U6 group championship, Hubei Ehu team won the U8 group championship, Optics Valley Six Little Music Team won the U10 group championship, Hubei Ehu team won the U12 group championship ; Chongqing Station Fengming Tianlang baseball team won the U8 group championship, and the Pepsi TOP baseball team won the U10 group championship.

At the age of 10, Qian Ruochu won the MLB CUP U10 championship with his team, the Optics Valley Six Team, and he also won the “Best Base Runner” award. He had a weak physique since he was a child, and it was not smooth sailing in the process of learning baseball. From the discouragement of “sit on the bench” in a game, to seize the opportunity to prove himself in the 11th Wuhan Youth Games, from the substitute player to the present He is the main force, no matter where he is, he will do his best. The child’s mother said it was baseball that changed him. Baseball brought him self-confidence and growth, and more courage to work hard and fight hard.

It’s not just the growth of the child, the MLB CUP is also growing all the time. As the flagship event of youth baseball, the MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open has expanded to U6, U8, U10, U12 and U15 after 15 years of development, with nearly 20 cities participating in the event. From Hubei Ehu Baseball and Softball Club Base in Wuhan to Chongqing Banan District Sports Center, the enthusiasm for MLB CUP competitions has been displayed in these two cities. The young players showed their strength in this competition and accumulated competition experience. More friendship.

Cui Lin, head of Hubei Ehu Baseball and Softball Club, the organizer of the MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open Spring Game Wuhan Station, said that as a popular youth baseball event for schools and clubs, the MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open has been held for 15 consecutive years. In 2008, Wuhan is the second this year. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the competition, Wuhan has increased from 10 teams in two groups last year to 17 teams in 4 groups. There will be more group competitions and related activities in the future.

Qi Dong, managing director of MLB China, appeared at the MLB CUP Wuhan and Chongqing stadiums to present awards to the young players. He said that the MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open has undergone a global upgrade this year, and young players have the opportunity to pass the MLB competition platform. , communicate with teenagers who love baseball all over the world, broaden their horizons and gain friendship in the process of participating in the game, and also look forward to being able to emerge from the stadium in the future as a baseball star.

There are two groups of U8/U10 ​​in the Chongqing station event, and representatives from many schools/clubs in Chongqing participated, with a total of 16 teams. Wang Peng, founder of Kuda Baseball Academy, said, “MLB series events are well received by schools/clubs in Chongqing. In recent years, the leaders of the Municipal Sports Bureau have supported baseball projects. At present, more than 40 primary and secondary schools in the city have developed baseball features. At the same time, the Chongqing Local Baseball Open has been held for the seventh time this year. At present, there are not only primary and secondary school student competitions in Chongqing, but also more than 10 teams and more than 500 players for adult social teams. I believe that there will be more exciting baseball events in the future. hold!”

For a long time, MLB has been committed to deeply cultivating youth baseball and comprehensively promoting diversified events, which has promoted the popularization of youth baseball. The competition platform built by the MLB CUP Youth Baseball Open has also become an important part of the youth baseball talent training system, allowing more youth baseball players to hone their professional skills and accumulate competition experience in the game.

In addition to actively creating global events, MLB has gone deep into the field of public welfare and national sports enlightenment to help Chinese youth baseball education. The continuous promotion of MLB’s “Love is Awesome” public welfare activity has helped children in poverty-stricken areas across the country in various forms such as setting up a baseball public welfare fund, donating love materials and sports equipment, and introducing baseball courses. Last year, it has been launched in Qingdao, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, western mountainous areas and other places! In addition, MLB First Pitch Baseball Public Welfare Class will create a community center activity this year, and will cooperate with local clubs to provide free baseball enlightenment training classes to children in the community, so that children who have never been exposed to baseball can appreciate the charm of baseball.

As a firm practitioner of “integration of sports and education”, under the general guidance of the “14th Five-Year” sports development plan of the State Sports General Administration, MLB will actively improve the sports competition and talent training system through various event education activities to help China The future of baseball.



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