2022 Fuqing City “Pioneer” Games Basketball League Ends with Gold Medal – Today’s Focus – Southeast Net

Fuqing News Network, June 22 (Reporter Teng Duanqin) On June 20, in the 2022 Fuqing City “Pilot” Games Basketball League, the Fuqing Municipal Committee team and the Fuqing CPPCC team won the championship and runner-up.

This event is hosted by the Fuqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, undertaken by the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, and the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and co-organized by Fuqing Yurong Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. and the Municipal Basketball Association. There are more than 300 municipal teams from 16 teams. Managers participate in the competition.

It is reported that this competition aims to enrich and activate the sports and cultural life of municipal management cadres, enhance cohesion and centripetal force, create a strong atmosphere of being positive and entrepreneurial, and promote the prosperity and development of the national fitness industry. The competition started on May 14. After 32 fierce competitions, the final final was between the Fuqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Fuqing CPPCC team (pictured).

At 19:30 that night, the final started, grabbing the ball, dribbling the ball, passing the ball, laying up… On the field, the players were alive and kicking; outside the field, the audience cheered, pushing the game to a climax again and again. win the championship.

A total of first, second and third prizes were decided in this league. Among them, the Fuqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Fuqing CPPCC team won the first prize; the Municipal Security Bureau team and Nanshan Dragon United Team (Nanling, Sanshan, Longtian) won the first prize. The second prize, the Fuqing Municipal Government team, the Fuqing City People’s Congress team, the Fuqing City Procuratorate team and the Industrial Park State-owned Assets Union team won the third prize.



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