1860 Munich: This is how Sven and Lars Bender’s return campaign failed – football

Sports manager Günther Gorenzel (50) rebuilt the lions this summer with nine new players. However, a double return campaign failed!

Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa

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The twin brothers Sven and Lars Bender (from left)Foto: picture-alliance/ dpa

The ex-lions Sven and Lars Bender (33) have decided against a job with the third division. Instead of acting as figureheads in the youth sector at their heart club, the ex-national players and Olympic silver medal winners from Rio de Janeiro (2016) decided to join the DFB. Lars becomes an assistant coach for the U15s and Sven for the U16s.

For Gorenzel, who worked on the coup for more than two years, it was a bitter blow! Gorenzel: “Two years ago the plan was for them to end their great careers as players with us, but that didn’t happen. After that we were always in contact, a position in the junior division was considered. We had come a long way in the talks, details had been worked out. But then the offer came from the DFB. There they have the opportunity to do all their coaching licenses. In addition, working for the DFB is a huge opportunity for your career. Unfortunately, this means that they are in a conflict of interest if they would also work with us in the junior staff at the same time.”

But Gorenzel does not give up: “I have had a close, good and trusting relationship with both of them for over 15 years and it will remain that way. Who knows what will come in the next few years, and they have categorically not ruled out a return. Never say Never.”

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