17 phrases from Tevez in his debut as coach of Rosario Central: which DT will he seek to copy, a call to Di María and his response to Caruso

Central’s soccer manager, Raúl Gordillo, Carlos Tevez and the club’s vice president, Ricardo Carloni (@RosarioCentral)

Carlos Tevez took over as technical director of Central Rosary and he already directed his first practice in which he was seen very involved and even running alongside his brand-new players in ball training. It was a long day in which he ended with a press conference. Apache signed a one-year contract and will debut this Friday against Gimnasia at the Gigante de Arroyito. El Canalla needs to return to victory after an uneven start in the Professional League that places them in the bottom lot of the table.

At the end of Tuesday, Tevez was accompanied by Central’s soccer manager, Raul Gordilloand the vice president of the club, Ricardo Carloni. Flanked by them and wearing a Scoundrel jacket with number 10 and his name, Carlitos spoke to the media and explained why he chose Central to start as DT: “Because of his people. I had many offers from many clubs, but Central has that plus for its people, if things work well we can make a lot of noise. I am convinced that we can do it and we have to wake up a sleeping giant”.

“In my project I thought about which club I would like to start with and I wrote down three or four clubs. Central was one of those four. When they called me from Central, I made up my mind and when other clubs called me directly I said no”, he pointed out.

Regarding the possible reinforcements, he omitted to give names, because first he bets on the current players of the squad: “To grab Central I had to see the squad they had and I trust these players a lot. I haven’t asked for any player yet. For the Central world the surname Tevez is unknown. I didn’t ask for any reinforcement. When I was a player I didn’t like that the DT asked for reinforcements as soon as he arrived. I have names, but I’m not going to say it out of respect for the players. I want to take care of the players. We can’t talk about reinforcements because we have a game on Friday. First I want to see that the boys who are show that they want to play in Central and until we do a scanner of the ones we have, we will not know”.

Tevez affirmed that he has not yet asked for reinforcements (@RosarioCentral)
Tevez affirmed that he has not yet asked for reinforcements (@RosarioCentral)

Referring to the previous point, when asked about the presence of the businessman Christian Bragarnik Approaching incorporations, he stated that “he is a representative who has many players and will not have any influence on what I decide about bringing players. No one is going to put or remove a player for me. I am going to decide who will be a reinforcement”.

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A key issue in Rosario is the Clásico (it will be played on the ninth date) and he stated that “I know what the Clásico dignifies and more in this city. I take dimension because I played classics and I am aware of what we are playing for. But we are going for something more comprehensive, that the players have the codes of another era, since for me education is essential. For now, the priority is Friday and the idea is that on Friday my hand will begin to be noticed”.

A burning issue is whether he will be able to be on the substitute bench on Friday against Gimnasia. They asked her if she had the qualifying title for the feroz review by Caruso Lombardi and he was brief with his answer: “We’ll see on Friday. Another question…”.

Regarding the style of play that his team will have, he indicated that “we have to find an identity as a team. I talked to the guys today about being able to find the team’s DNA. The idea is that he can handle the games. We are thinking about playing and we have to start doing things well so that everything goes up afterwards. Among the technicians who directed me I have a great reference that was Antonio Conte at Juventus. I’m going to try to get them to play a little like his teams, even if it’s half as much”.

And he didn’t dribble when asked if Angel Di Maria could arrive in June 2023: “I couldn’t talk to Fideo. I could hardly talk to my wife because of the job I have. Who would not like to have it. When he is calmer I will call him and ask him what his wishes are. We know of the hierarchy that he has and the experience that he can give to this squad”.

Except for the question about his DT title, Carlitos deepened each answer (@RosarioCentral)
Except for the question about his DT title, Carlitos deepened each answer (@RosarioCentral)


What is missing to the team

“We need a change of attitude and that is not negotiated at this club. Anyone who wants to play in Central has to prove it to me in every training session. And whoever doesn’t should talk to the president or to Mono Gordillo, who has the doors open to leave.”.

Tevez Revolution

“I am used to it in my career and as a footballer I have experienced these things. Wherever I went there was always a lot of expectation. But I am calm because I always work with the truth.”

definitive retirement

“When one gets to the other side of the line, the player already dies and one begins to think differently. Today I am a technician and I like this profession and I enjoy it”.

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What did he see before Vélez

“We come with a clear idea and we know that we have shortcomings as a team. Central is one thing for local and another for visitor. This Monday the level of the boys fell and we have to give them tools”.

Argentine Cup Final 2015

“At that time I defended the colors of Boca. Today I think only of Central and elevating it in another way. I have the Central shirt as a coach. I have to earn the trust of the people depending on how the team works and how the boys respond. People are going to believe me or not depending on how the team and the guys work.”

Carlos Retegui

“My friend El Chapa is part of this project, but they have to understand that he has to detach himself from his original position. I don’t want to extend more than a year because a year is good for the project we are carrying out. I come here to add from sports. I think it’s fair that we sign for a year. Later we will see if we continue, everything will depend on the results. But I’m confident we can pull it off.”

Electoral climate in the club

“From today I began to abstract from what happens in the club. We are going to be puteared or banked depending on what we do on the field. Either we focus on the game or we continue with this election madness. The boys should focus on football.”

Joseph Leudo

“When we spoke it was already closed. Today I saw him for the first time and the truth is that he surprised me and he has a chance like all the boys because we all started from scratch”.

Mini preseason in Ezeiza

“We plan to go to the AFA venue next week to do a mini pre-season because we think this team needs one or two more points physically. We have to work double or triple shifts for what we need. We have to get to know each other and implement a game idea and working together every day in double or triple shifts we will find it”.

Tevez started his task as DT in the Scoundrel (@RosarioCentral)
Tevez started his task as DT in the Scoundrel (@RosarioCentral)

hectic day

Tevez, who in principle will be accompanied in his coaching staff by Carlos Retegui, was presented this morning and then participated in a lunch with the leaders and the campus. At 3:30 p.m. he began work on the club’s property in Arroyo Seco and had a talk with the entire squad. Then the activity continued on the playing field of the scoundrel stadium, where a soccer practice was held and the former Boca Juniors striker closely followed his brand-new lead.

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Dressed in the clothing of the Rosario entity and accompanied by the leaders, the 38-year-old strategist began working together with the physical trainer, Martin Traverssiand his brothers, Diego, Miguel and Ariel.

Tevez put on his boots and followed the practice at the Gigante de Arroyito (@RosarioCentral)
Tevez put on his boots and followed the practice at the Gigante de Arroyito (@RosarioCentral)

After some physical exercises, he ordered the first tasks with the ball and followed them carefully. Players who were not part of the competition participated in these works. defeat (0-2) on Monday against Vélez in Linierswhile the rest carried out regenerative exercises.

It should be remembered that this Monday he witnessed the fall in Liniers. Although the team stood up in the Fortín field, he suffered mistakes that he paid dearly for, as in the first goal when his goalkeeper Gaspar Servius lost the ball and then Luca Orellano opened the scoring. From one of the boxes at José Amalfitani, Tevez and “Chapa” Retegui spoke constantly. Apache drew its conclusions and this Tuesday it should have informed its players what it wants as a proposal and what they should correct for the next games.

With whistle in hand, the Apache worked together with the players (@RosarioCentral)
With whistle in hand, the Apache worked together with the players (@RosarioCentral)

Retegui, former coach of the national women’s and men’s field hockey teams, has not yet been able to join as he must finish closing his separation from the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, where in January of this year he became Undersecretary of Sports . Chapa always wanted to manage football and doing it together with Tevez is a great opportunity. the vice president Ricardo Carloni, who led the move for the Apache to arrive, said that Retegui will join in the next few hours.

Central will have to recover in the Professional League, where it is 22nd among 28 teams. It is also at the bottom of the annual table (24th), the one that defines the majority of the participants for the international cups. El Canalla continues to compete in the Copa Argentina and will play Quilmes for the round of 16 next Tuesday. And, although he is not yet very committed in the table of averages (the last two go down) in the current contest (16th), the sum of points is also a necessity in that item for next season (19th ).


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