10 gold medals for Ibizan judo in the Balearic Islands Championship

Ibizan judo performed at a very high level in the Balearic Championship that was held this weekend in Santa Eulària. The Ibizan judokas achieved a great booty in which the 10 regional titles stand out.

The gold medals went to María García (-38kg), Maya Ruano (-42kg) and Carlota Cardona (-26kg) in the female junior category. In the men’s junior, Toni Ribas (-26 kg), Antonio Escandell (-47 kg) and Adrián Amador (+47 kg) climbed to the top of the podium. In juveniles, in the female category, gold medals for María Amparo Navarro (-47kg) and Daniela Fernández (-52kg); and in the men’s category for Unai Gómez (-47kg) and Aitor Ruiz (-52kg).

The list of medals continues with the silvers achieved by judokas from the youngest category Julia Casado (-34kg), Emma Lillo (+47kg), Elena Menéndez (-30kg), Carolina Vías (-42kg), Joan Bermúdez (+47kg) and José Ribas (-47 kg).

In the juvenile category, Ana Ramón (-34kg), Clara Motos (-47kg), Ayoub Ezzhani (+52kg), Michelle Jago (-42kg) and Herbie Molineux (-47kg) climbed to the second drawer of the podium.

Finally, the youngest Joana Jiménez (-26kg), Marina Marí (-30kg), Hugo Riera (-34kg), Eric Ferrer (-38kg), Álex Marí (-30kg), Diego Villalba (-34kg) hung the bronze. ), Marc Bonet (-38kg), Diego Martínez (-42kg); and the fry Leonora Huaman (-34kg), Aroa Torres (-52kg), Xicu Marí (-34kg), Ismael Kharkhour (-38kg), Abel Darvey (-52kg) and Cristian Moreno (+52kg).



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