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There are a number of leisure sports that have been played everywhere for years. Badminton is one of them. Almost everyone has played this game at some point. You often see people playing badminton when they are on holiday and are cozy at the campsite. On holiday we especially enjoy the relaxation and ‘doing nothing at all’, but we also want to get moving now and then. A game of badminton is then fun and relaxing, while you are still active. The badminton set pro consists of 2 rackets and a shuttle that are in a handy storage bag. These light weight rackets lie comfortably in the hand and are equipped with handles that offer you a perfect grip.

The game of badminton is simple. You hit the shuttlecock at each other without it falling to the ground. In a relaxed setting you ensure that your opponent can easily return the shuttle. In a competition context you must of course ensure that the shuttle is hit back as difficult as possible. Officially you each have a field, which is separated by a net. The shuttle must be hit over the net in the field. The badminton set pro is suitable for recreational use and is a ‘must have’ on holiday. Another leisure activity at the campsite is the family game kubb the Viking. This wooden game is the best-selling camping game, followed by badminton sets.

If you want to make the game even more fun, you can also choose our XXL variant. This one has extremely large rackets and shuttle. View our badminton XXL set here. is your specialist in inflatable items, swimming pools, kites, outdoor games and various other summer goods. We make the summer great!



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