Yueyang Daily’s “Welcome to the Provincial Games, Healthy Outdoors” award ceremony opens

time:2022-05-13 09:36:22
source:Yueyang Daily All Media Interview Center
reporter:Li Yixuan

Yueyang Daily All Media News (Reporter Li Yixuan Video Chen Jia Photography Li Jinfeng)The early summer is sunny and breezy, and it is time for outdoor sports. On May 11, after many rounds of exciting and tense competitions, Yueyang Daily held a grand award ceremony for the “Welcome to the Provincial Games, Healthy Outdoors” activity.

The theme of this event is “Forge ahead hand in hand, create a civilized team; work hard, do not slack off, welcome the Provincial Games, and walk in a healthy outdoor environment”. Workers unite and work hard and march forward together in a great training of spiritual outlook. While enjoying the happiness and health brought by fitness activities, it has effectively stimulated the enthusiasm and self-improvement of the media people.

According to the arrangement of the competition system, the event consisted of tug-of-war competition, basketball competition, fun basketball 6-person dribbling relay competition and rope skipping competition. More than 100 players formed the Yueyang Daily United Team, Yueyang Daily Media Group, Printing Company, and Yueyang Evening News. Four group squares, on the sports field, athletes dressed in orange, white, blue and red clothes, in the beautiful summer scene, feel the charm of national fitness. With the referee’s order, all the participating team members were full of high spirits, full of energy, and worked hard. Everyone carried forward the team spirit, helped each other, encouraged each other, and each team member completed the various schedules with strong perseverance. The athletes in the tug-of-war competition are full of energy and high and low; the basketball players jump and shoot, and their vigorous postures become a beautiful scenery on the sports field; the skipping athletes wave the skipping rope and freeze the most beautiful moment in the camera. The cheerleading team on the side also attracted the attention of others. They cheered and cheered to encourage their team members. For a time, the sports field became a sea of ​​joy. The employees felt the fun and charm brought by sports, and advocated a civilized and healthy lifestyle in order to welcome the Provincial Games.

2022 is the “Yueyang Daily’s “All Staff Innovation Year”. In order to further strengthen the construction of the newspaper’s team, create a corporate culture of unity and vitality, and better promote “Welcome to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and forge a new journey” and “I am for the provincial movement”. Adding brilliance, the provincial sports have me more exciting” series of activities, showing the enthusiasm and passion of media people, the party committee, trade union, and youth league committee of the agency took the lead to jointly undertake this activity.

“I think this kind of activity is very meaningful. Today’s Yueyang, the national fitness boom has become more and more high, and the people of Yueyang are more and more energetic!” said the beauty Xiaojun, a staff member of this newspaper, “Exercise depends on persistence, To face work and life with the sports spirit of never giving up, can you be happy when you are healthy.



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