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After a forced two-year break, a young musicians’ meeting is taking place again

The Unterwalden section of the Swiss Folk Music Association invites around 60 young folk musicians to Stansstad. The event offers young people the opportunity to present themselves and network.

The Trio Kniribärg at their performance at the Young Musicians Meeting 2019 in Obbürgen.

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After a two-year break, there will be another young musicians’ meeting in Unterwald on Sunday, May 15th. This event has been organized by the Swiss Folk Music Association, Unterwalden section (VSV Unterwalden) for over thirty years and takes place alternately in Obwalden and Nidwalden.

The young talents with their folk music instruments such as accordion, Schwyzerörgeli or clarinet have been waiting for this moment of making music together, as the organizers write in a statement. For many it will be their first appearance in front of a large audience. Everyone up to the age of 22 can take part. Every year around 60 young people perform and show their skills in a formation or as soloists. It is an ideal opportunity for organizers to get to know and engage young music groups, and has already been the successful starting signal for some formations that are known today.

All participants will receive a souvenir and will also be invited to a barbecue evening at Hof Burg in Ennetmoos in summer. According to the VSV, this barbecue evening is very important for the young musicians because they can get to know each other better and play music together in a relaxed atmosphere. The fact that they also get a better connection to the board members of VSV Unterwalden is a nice side effect for everyone. (pd/inf)

The music lectures on Sunday, May 15, will take place from 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the community hall on Kehrsitenstrasse. In between, a goulash soup is served free of charge for everyone at 12 noon. After the lectures, we continue with a room. There is a festival with a grill (sausages and hamburgers). Entry is free.



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