Wrestling fans tear their mouths over Tay Conti – sports mix

Fire is involved here!

AEW star Tay Conti and her boyfriend Sammy Guevara can’t please anyone at the moment either.

Actually, the Brazilian started her AEW career as a crowd favorite. A great smile, a great look and endless charisma. She also has a real martial arts background: she has a black belt in judo and a blue in jiu-jitsu. Everything seemed to fit.

But then came love.

Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara fell in love. It’s just stupid that Samy proposed to his girlfriend shortly before – in the ring.

When the new love became public, not all fans were thrilled. But it got even worse. The newly in love people repeatedly published common turtle photos on social media. That really pissed off the fans.

This led to both of them being booed on the TV shows – despite the fact that they were supposed to be playing the good guys. The league made a virtue out of necessity and filmed their gimmicks on the shows…

But in the night the next turn. Tay and Samy came to the aid of Frankie Kazarian who was being beaten up by Scorpio Sky. So, according to the storyline, they’re the good guys again.

And everyone like that…huh???

There is criticism of the segment on social media.

One fan wrote: “It’s the first time I’ve gotten angry about a story on AEW – can’t this finally end?!”

One thing is certain: AEW boss Tony Khan didn’t do himself a favor with this story. Fans will continue to boo Sammy and Tay for the next week after the heavy Twitter criticism. The path for the two does not get any easier …



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