World Championships in hockey: Denmark – Kazakhstan, Sweden – Austria. Live text

On the second day of the 2022 World Hockey Championships, on May 14, in the morning matches, Denmark will meet with Kazakhstan, while Sweden will fight against Austria.

The Delfi portal offers live streaming of game text.

World Hockey Championship, May 14 Games.

Denmark has a great opportunity – Andrei Shutov repels Shel’s first shot, then Shel throws again and hits the crossbar

16:37 min. Sweden – Austria 2: 0Austrians fail to throw the puck, followed by a quick Swedish match and Max Freiberg scores Sweden’s second goal

Kazakhstan’s hockey players only created moments at the end of the majority, after the putting of the stick the puck flies only a little past the goal.

11:15 min. Kazakhstan’s majority Nikita Mikhail could make a dangerous pass through the goal and he is ticked – Nikolai Maiier receives a penalty

Sweden had another majority, the Austrians forced to their goal for two minutes, but the puck didn’t go to the Austrian goal at all. It is amazing how the Swedes did not score because there were countless opportunities.

Good luck to Austria – on the march Starkbaum was already on the ice, but the puck hit the crossbar. A moment later, Starkbaum did not see the shot, the puck flies over the empty corner of the goal.

7:31 min. Kazakhstan’s majority wakes up slowly, creates momentum, but then Kazakhs reach majority – Jesper Jensen Abo gets punished for stumbling

The Swedes do not use the majority, but then a good chance to double the lead. Starkbaum plays great in Austria.

4:51 min. Denmark – Kazakhstan 3: 0 The Danes quickly use the majority – Joachim Blihfeld reaches 3: 0. The Kazakh team has not finally woken up to the early game. Kazakh hockey players are very disorganized, making gross mistakes.https: //

4:22 min. For Sweden, the majority of the Austrian goal enters Luaks Valmarks by Benjamin Baumgärtner

For Denmark, the majority of Denmark has another chance after the game resumes, but the attacker is delayed in the march. The Danes now have the opportunity to increase their dominance even more

3:59 min. Denmark – Kazakhstan 2: 0 Kazakh hockey players “bring a goal”. A serious mistake near his goal and Felix Shell achieves 2: 0. Kazakh coaches take a half-minute break

2:03 min. Denmark – Kazakhstan 1: 0. Patrick Bjerkstrand was the first to hit the puck and scores the first goal

2:08 min. Sweden – Austria 1: 0 Joel Kelman scores the first goal for the Swedes with a “one timer” shot. For the first two minutes, it looked like the Swedish goal was just a matter of time.https: //

The Austrians made the first shot, but were immediately followed by a swift counter-attack by the Swedes. Austria is saved by goalkeeper Bernhard Starkbaum.

Sweden – Austria. Game started

Denmark – Kazakhstan. Game started

Two Latvian referees are playing in Denmark and Kazakhstan – one of the main referees is Andris Ansons, but the line judge will be Dāvis Zunde.

The Swedes are only three full five, as an addition from the NHL is expected.

In the early games of the day in Helsinki, the teams of Denmark and Kazakhstan will cross, but in the Latvian or Tampere group, Sweden and Austria will play. The games will start at 12:20.

The second day of the 2022 World Hockey Championship will start in Helsinki and Tampere in a moment. The Delfi portal will keep you up to date with news from Helsinki and Tampere.



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