Without pillow and with many doubts

The picture begins to darken for a Girona that is fading in the decisive stretch of the season. The team lost yesterday in Gijón in a bad match and exhausted the little margin of advantage which he had with respect to rivals struggling to get into the playoffs. Only the average keeps Michel’s in promotion positions when they are only left two days to dispute after fitting the second consecutive defeat and the fourth in six games. The team is still dependent on itself and if it wins Mirandés and Burgos will play their consecutive promotion phase. However, the sensations yesterday at the Molinón were not at all positive, especially after the 2-1 that left Girona – without Brothers– no answer throughout the second part. Not at all fluid, slow with the ball, not very vertical and soft in defense, Girona seems to have suffered an involution and, instead of reaching the finish line well, it is more reminiscent of the beginning of the course than the best version that has offered, or not a few days, this season.

The disappointment was huge in Gijón. The company was complicated, yes, but Girona was subdued by a Sporting that life was at stake and that he turned his need into more intensity and determination. And that, after conceding a goal in the first minutes of Gragera after a corner kick, Girona would be able to level the score thanks to Stuani. With 1-1, the team lived the best minutes and could even have advanced on a couple of clear enough occasions of Borja Garcia i Juncà. He did not do it and, before reaching the half, Djurdjevic put a 2-1 on the scoreboard that, already in the second half, Girona would be unable to question. The aftermath of this defeat, especially since there are only two days left, is worrying. The only positive note from yesterday’s game is that Michel’s men are still holding the pan by the handle. The danger is that it burns too much and eventually escapes.

With 1-1, Michel’s have chances to make the second but forgive and Djurdjevic makes it 2-1 before half time.

Girona knew they would have to suffer in the first minutes. Avoiding it was the big goal. He was able to do so for ten minutes in which he saw how Djurdjevic was about to freeze him with a cross shot that licked the post. Girona drew water as best they could and after a good stop by Juan Carlos to a guard from outside the area of ​​Pedro Díaz, the Asturians would find a reward in a strategic action. David Juncà cornered Gragera with a corner and the header Juan Carlos. The goal set the worst scenario for Girona and the best for a Sporting who wanted to face the game early so that their nerves would not get in the way.

Despite the 1-0 against, Girona could stop the local siege when he managed to get the ball and was able to combine. Samu Saiz he was beginning to meet Borja García i Stuani. The Uruguayan would appear at the ideal time to send to the bottom of the network a center ofArnau from the right to the second post, which Juncà had first touched. Although initially, the assistant had not conceded the goal for offside by Stuani, from the VAR, Pérez Pallas, had no choice but to validate it because the images showed that the Uruguayan was clearly in a regulatory position .

Girona balanced their strength in one of the first arrivals in the area. It could be one coup d’etat to the match and a signal to intimidate Sporting of how he spent them. The 1-1 hurt the Asturians and allowed Girona to advance meters. Thus, those of Michel began to feel comfortable and to find situations in zone of three quarters where to hurt. Thus, Juncà stood alone in front of Cuéllar, but made a bad control that eliminated the danger. After a few minutes. Borja García was allowed to take it quickly by the referee, much to the dismay of the goalkeeper who wasn’t prepared.

Girona’s good minutes suddenly went out. Sporting had been hurt by the bands where Puma Rodríguez and Aitor García were running away from Arnau and jairo, who had replaced the injured Juncà. In this sense, the Asturians found the hole in the back of Arnau again and Djurdjevic, too lonely, headed a Puma Rodríguez cross just before half-time. Sporting was surely advancing again when Girona was better and in a psychological moment.

Girona continue to depend on themselves and will enter the play-offs if they win the remaining two games


The script in the resumption is very disappointing. With forty-five minutes left, the team he did not know how to do harm to a serious and professional Sporting, who put the match to sleep. In fact, in another very strong outing of the locker room, Abelardo’s team was very close to Girona based on corners and arrivals that did not find the way to the goal thanks to a splendid Juan Carlos. Arnau, incorporated in the attack, had the goal of the tie, but he wanted to yield the ball to Stuani and he undid what was a very clear occasion. Despite taking the initiative, Girona’s resources were focused on the sides without incident. Of course, everything could have been very different if Stuani, well before the final whistle, in the addition, had been more in tune in a header that caught Cuéllar, without problems.

Juncà is injured in the sun and has it difficult to play on Saturday

Although he appears in the photo of Sporting’s first goal because he lost Gragera’s mark, David Juncà was one of Girona’s best players during the first half hour. Intense in defense and, above all, deep in attack, Riumors joined with great danger a couple of times. Everything went awry for the defense at the half hour mark when he noticed a puncture in his leg and saw that he could not continue. Míchel immediately reacted and put Jairo Izquierdo in his place while Juncà went to the locker room. The Alt-Empordà defender has his sun affected and, in the absence of medical tests, it is very difficult for him to be there on Saturday against Mirandés in Montilivi.

The injury comes at the best time of the season for Juncà, who yesterday chained the fifth consecutive title (Málaga, Cartagena, Alcorcón, Tenerife and Sporting). However, once again Juncà slows down his physical problems. Signed after a blank year at Celta, he has played a total of 27 league and cup matches this season, of which 14 have been starters. With a contract until June 30, the club has an option to renew it one more season.



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