With 27 medals Risaralda said present in the final phase of the 2021 Intercollegiate Games

Risaralda’s anthem was played six times during the 18 days and 17 days of competition, where Risaralda’s pride once again came out with the gold brass.

The best school athletes in the country met in the Coffee Region, 2,800 young athletes who arrived in Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda to beat with 26 sports disciplines from April 25 to May 13. There was no lack of departmental talent.

Armenia, Manizales, Pereira and Santa Rosa de Cabal saw how those from Risaralda played it all or nothing in each test. Be hosts and play the anthem in the so-called ‘reunion’. This is what the Ministry of Sport called it, since since 2019 there was no competition in person due to the pandemic.

The department participated in indoor soccer, indoor soccer, chess, athletics, track cycling, BMX cycling, road cycling, judo, swimming, skating, weights, table tennis, field tennis, reaching 6 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 13 bronze.

He won a gold medal in women’s indoor soccer, and was a leader in judo, a sport that gave him 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. Swimming, as it happened in 2019, was the practice that left the most metals with 1 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze.

In swimming, Melquis Gutiérrez was the top medalist with 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze.

six national championships

Emily Dainne Sánchez Riobo / youth national champion in blitz chess mode
Juan Pablo Ocampo Cuervo / junior national champion in table tennis
Julieth Tatiana Cortés and María Camila Restrepo / junior national champions in judo nague no Kata
Johan David Delgado and Miguel Sánhez / junior national champions in judo, nague no kata.
Women’s indoor soccer / national champion in youth category
Melquis Gutiérrez / junior national champion in swimming, 100 meter backstroke test
There were 14 educational institutions from Pereira, 4 schools from Dosquebradas, 1 from Santa Rosa de Cabal and 1 from Marsella that contributed medals to the department.

2 medals for merit (given when there are not enough participants in a test)

Johan David Delgado, silver in junior judo, up to 53 kilograms
Miguel Sánchez, gold in junior judo, up to 44 kilograms.
Educational institutions with medals


High School Workshop San Miguel

Raphael Reyes

American school

Pino Verde high school

Hans Drews Arango

Cooperative College

Citadel Cuba

John XXIII College

Calasanz College

Saint Nicholas School

Pino Verde high school

La Salle College

Campestre high school

High School Great Geniuses


Christ the King

Diocesan College

Salesian college

Santa Juana Lestonac

Saint Rose of Cabal

Marillac Technical Institute


Estrada Institute


Antioquia was the great champion with 201, Valle second with 195 and Bogotá DC with 157 medals.

2,800 athletes from the 32 departments and Bogotá as the Capital District arrived at the Coffee Region.

About 4,500 people including assistants, coaches, volunteers, judges, sports representatives, biomedical staff and communicators.

The investment of the National Government for the final phase 2021, was $7,500 million.



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