Wimbledon bans Russia and Belarus from starting – ATP is considering giving up world ranking points

Rafael Nadal, member of the ATP Player Council, did not want to say anything about the idea of ​​not awarding points for the ranking in Wimbledon.

“I don’t have a clear opinion on that, so I prefer not to give them a clear answer. And that was it,” the record Grand Slam champion choked off a corresponding question at the current ATP Masters in Rome. Of course, the players’ council has “private talks” on the subject, “but to be honest, I don’t think it would be good to make them public.”

However, the British “Telegraph” feared that Wimbledon could be demoted to a “show event” if ATP points were waived.


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The specialist portal “” meanwhile reported that the ATP had contacted the WTA to promote the proposal to women to play in Wimbledon without world ranking points. Thus, professionals from Russia and Belarus, including US Open champion Daniil Medvedev, would not be at a disadvantage, at least in the ranking. In addition, the idea of ​​freezing the score of players excluded from participation recently emerged.

Nadal: ‘See what actions we take’

The 2,000 points that can be reached in a Grand Slam event are “really important and we have to go to these tournaments,” Nadal explained recently. The Spaniard described it as “very unfair” that the organizers of the All England Lawn Tennis Club imposed a starting ban as a result of the war in Ukraine. “So we’ll have to see what action we take.”

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ATP and WTA cannot intervene in the decision to exclude Russia and Belarus from Wimbledon. This is exclusively in the hands of the organizer. The situation is different with the ranking list points, which in turn are “managed” by ATP and WTA.

Todd Woodbridge dispelled fears that a large number of professionals would not participate if there were no points for the world rankings. “I would be surprised if, given the amount of prize money being offered, many players decided not to play in Wimbledon,” said the nine-time (!) Wimbledon doubles champion to “Wide World of Sports”.

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