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Nagoya Railroad 3400 Series Hornworm

Meitetsu 3400 series trainIs a train introduced in 1937 (Showa 12) mainly for the purpose of providing excellent train operation by Nagoya Railroad. Of the various types of rigid-hung drive vehicles operated on Meitetsu’s 1,500 V DC electrified line, they belong to AL vehicles equipped with an indirect automatic advance controller.

The front of the leading car has a streamlined shape, and the appearance is that the entire circumference of the lower part of the car body is covered with a skirt. Within Meitetsu, the 3400 series train was called “streamline”. It was also nicknamed “hornworm” by railroad enthusiasts. As the first new model vehicle after the merger of the current Nagoya Railway, which was established by the equal merger of Aichi Electric Railway and Meitetsu Railway, two cars composed of the control electric car model 3400 and the control car model 2400 in March 1937. 3 trains, 6 cars in total …

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