“Where my parents did not arrive, there were clients”

Get out of a business after two decades it’s hard. Even more so when it comes to hotels and a neighborhood bar, meeting point for people and that allows to create a bond with families in the area beyond the economic.

And above all, twenty-one years mean accumulating memories of all kinds. Yaying Wu, for which the NBA bar in Zaragoza, on Calle Escultor Félix Buñuel in the San José neighborhood, has been his home, knows this first-hand. Sleeping as a girl waiting for her parents to close, spending her school years with the university students, who drank beer after class while helping her with homework and even be treated by customers like another daughter.

After almost 21 years, today we close a very beautiful stage of our lives. Thanks to all of you who have joined us…

Posted by BAR NBA on Monday, May 2, 2022

“The bar He has deprived me of so many things and has tied me down so much, but I couldn’t be more grateful of the person that has made me be and of what I have grown on a professional and personal level. 21 years later, we closed a very beautiful stage. Thanks for joining us on this path. See you on the other side of the bar for the next one”, published this young woman through the networks.

Now he is dedicated to marketing in a company in Madrid, where he has been for about a month. His departure from the Aragonese capital is one of the reasons that have led to the transfer of the establishment. “My mother has not been able to continue because we never closed. We are the ones that have been open the longest and for the longest time”, he acknowledges in statements to this newspaper, seeing that this new experience has been a turning point with the rest of his life, linked to the bar, For the good and the bad.

grow with the business

to the family business he joined at the age of 17, “just before selectivity”, since his father fell ill. Hand in hand with her mother, they continued with the high pace of work that characterizes the hospitality industry, but this new situation affected her “in all areas of her life”, especially in the academic and social aspects, making her “deprive yourself of many things by forcing yourself to work” at a time when the others were beginning to live university life. Thus, she sacrificed herself “to be able to combine everything”. Also later with the master’s degree, which he could not do outside of Zaragoza or go on Erasmus as he would have liked “because help the family”.

“It was not a business of putting your coffee and goodbye”, summarizes Ying, as some of the clients refer to her in the comments of the publication where she says goodbye to the bar. She keeps the memories and the people “who have seen her grow up” and vice versa. The same ones she met when she was a university student “are now parents and meet with her friends on special dates.”

With regret, he says, they have understood the reasons for the transfer: “They have lived through our situations, my father’s illness, me combining studies, my mother sacrificing herself until she hasn’t given her any more.”

Farewell day of the BAR NBA SPECIAL SERVICE

Despite the “sacrificed” of all this time, the memories remain. “In the end, it is what the clients, who have been my family, have given me. What my parents didn’t give me, they gave me, as if I were another daughter. It is the most beautiful thing that I take“, he concludes.



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