When I watched a live broadcast while watching baseball at the stadium, the data capacity melted–Keitai Watch

I joined the fan club of the professional baseball team Chiba Lotte Marines from this year. The reason is that I want to see pitcher Roki Sasaki throwing live, but for now, even if I go to the stadium, I miss the pitching day and I have never been able to see it.

By the way, the author has a contract for one Ymobile line, and with that privilege, you can watch the live video of the baseball broadcast delivered by “Baseball LIVE” for free. In Baseball LIVE, all games hosted by the Pacific League to which Marines belong will be delivered.

Is the ball fast or the foot fast !? It feels like a perfect replay even for subtle play.

The amount of data on Ymobile is a little too much every month, so when I visited the stadium the other day, I brought my smartphone and enjoyed the live video at hand while watching the game locally … This is quite good. It was a feeling!

There is a delay in the video distribution of Baseball LIVE. The sensation is that the image is delayed by about “one ball that the pitcher throws the ball”.

So, when there is an event such as hitting a hit, having a good defense, or getting a home run while watching a game, the scene is played back on the smartphone at hand as if it were a replay video. It’s a feeling.

When I watch baseball at the stadium, the live feeling is good, but the players are still far away, and I can’t even see the delicate judgments such as balls and strikes. In that respect, when the video was delivered, the runner’s foot reached the base through strikes and tags (the act of the defending player holding the ball and trying to touch it), which is safe! You can see even the subtleties like that.

The hybrid feeling of live performance and watching TV is very good.

But, but … there was a problem. It is the amount of data used for the video distribution and playback.

The data communication used to play the video of one game for three and a half hours has exceeded 40 GB!

This is the amount of data used for mobile communication. “Baseball LIVE” is the display of “42.7GB” …. Scary, video playback.

The plan I have a contract with is “Simple Plan M” (usage fee for one line is 3278 yen per month, 15GB), but even if you add it to the carry-over amount of the previous month, you can use a considerable amount of capacity in this one game. It will be done.

This way of playing may be for those who are in a large capacity plan or an unlimited data capacity plan. Or, if you are in a stadium equipped with Wi-Fi, you can enjoy it without worrying about it.

Marines won on that day, and we saw that Matsukawa’s stolen base was stopped, so would you like to say Yoshi!



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