“What’s the Wi-Fi password?” I don’t want to use my data” LeBron’s specialty

If he has invested millions of dollars to do good all around him since the beginning of his career, LeBron James -highest paid sportsman on the planet- is also the man who refuses to activate data roaming on his phone when he is on vacation… or when he is traveling in Toronto. Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Kevin Love… there are many witnesses.

“Taylor Rooks: – I interviewed Chris Paul 2 years ago, and he said to me, ‘Taylor, LeBron is the most thrifty (frugal) guy I know. When we arrive somewhere, the first thing he says is ‘What is the Wi-Fi password? I don’t want to use my data.

Kevin Love: – Oh yeah, I’ve seen him do that a million times. For example, if we play in Toronto, on the road between the airport and the hotel, he does not use his data at all, he always waits for Wi-Fi. And the same for the journey between the hotel and the room . He’s waiting for the room’s Wi-Fi. There is this saying A small leak will sink a great ship (a small leak can sink a big ship), but that’s not even a leak, it’s nothing! I can understand that we are a little careful but on that, come on bro’, seriously? It’s just data roaming. »

In 2017, LeBron also explained that he refused to install paid versions of certain applications.



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