what workforce for JL Bourg in 2022/23?

Disappointing 11th in Betclic ÉLITE, with 15 wins and 19 losses (its first negative record since its accession in 2017), JL Bourg has already turned to a new chapter by bringing in Frédéric Fauthoux as coach. In parallel with the ASVEL playoff campaign, the Landes technician will now be able to focus on the construction of his future workforce.

Among the contingent of foreigners version 2021/22, no surprises to come: none should remain, except perhaps Rasheed Sulaimon (and still…), the only one having generally given satisfaction. For the others, either disappointing (CJ Harris, Jalen Jones, JaCorey Williams), or long-term injury (Eric Mika), or useless joker (Norris Cole), their future will be written far from Bresse.

On the other hand, the six French are still under contract. This does not mean that they will all still evolve under the orders of Frédéric Fauthoux at the start of the school year. Maxime Courby is the only one fully assured of returning to Ékinox, as he now seems unstoppable in Bourg-en-Bresse. It is also difficult to imagine Pierre Pelos elsewhere: although the Gers interior had no complete intention of spending three full years in Ain, it seems unlikely to see him exercise his exit clause abroad. seen from its mixed productions season. Especially since the arrival of his ex-trainer Frédéric Fauthoux, during the coronation of Pau-Nord-Est in National 3 in 2013, would be likely to revive him. Hugo Benitez should theoretically always be there too, even if the guarantee of continuing to play in a European Cup would be a strong argument for the JL in order not to hinder the development of its young nugget.

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What will Axel Julien do?

The trend around his case is for stability but the biggest question mark concerns Axel Julien, who is surely facing a huge dilemma since the ousting of Laurent Legname. The Var leader is under contract until 2024 with JL Bourg but his signature was mainly linked to the arrival of his favorite coach. “90%, it’s for him that I came here, it’s not a good situation for me,” he said at the press conference in Strasbourg on May 1, in comments transcribed by Guylaine Gavroy in the columns of Progress. Hired to be the starting point guard, without David Holston this time, the French international did not really manage to cross the expected milestone (8.4 points at 46% and 6.1 assists, against 11.1 points at 47% and 4.2 assists last year) and the late arrival of Norris Cole resulted in a disallowance. Therefore, will he want to give his Burgian adventure another chance, under the orders of a new trainer? If there is a good chance of seeing him honor his commitment, his decision depends a great deal on the future articulation of Frédéric Fauthoux’s workforce in the rear positions. What looks a bit like a “win-win” situation for the game: either the assurance of having one of the best JFLs in the division on one side, or the free field to hire a big foreign point guard from the game. ‘other…

Will Axel Julien still be Bressan at the start of the school year?
(photo: Sebastien Grasset)

Finally, according to our information, JL Bourg has notified Maxime Roos and Alexandre Chassang of its desire not to continue together next season. This risks giving rise to two very distinct problems. The Ile-de-France winger proved to be little complementary to Maxime Courby on position 3 and did not express himself as he would have hoped (5.5 points at 52%, 1.9 rebound and 0.8 against in 17 minutes). In fact, he is open to finding a solution and could be tempted by a new challenge where he could obtain more responsibilities. Why not in Roanne, where Jean-Denys Choulet, who has always appreciated him, is one of the candidate coaches to revive him. On the other hand, the former interior of the JDA Dijon is not particularly inclined to leave Bourg-en-Bresse. Author of a season in his standards (9.6 points at 53%, 3.6 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 21 minutes), after his shortened experience in Turkey, he is under contract until 2023, with only an option on his side to free himself this summer. This should not facilitate negotiations for JL Bourg, especially in the context of separation with a coach who still has two years of contract …

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