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“What are the 5 best B.LEAGUE QUARTER FINALS 2021-22 you choose?”

B.LEAGUE QUARTER FINALS 2021-22 held from May 13th to 16th. At Basketball King, we conducted a questionnaire asking the 5 most active players among the players who participated in the 9 games of the 4 cards held. We will introduce the 5 players who got the most votes, along with the voices of the B League fans who gathered.

■ Best 5 of B.LEAGUE QUARTER FINALS 2021-22 selected by fans (valid votes: 1125 votes)

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◎ In the third race, the aura of battle mode was amazing. He also prepared the boosters. (Marumaru-san)
◎ I think it was difficult mentally and physically in the tangled game up to Game 3, but I thought that he was the player who pulled the team and led to victory with the energy that exceeded it. (Heart-warming)
◎ I felt that it was because of Ando’s leadership that I was able to defeat Alvark in Shimane’s first CS. (Yamari-san)

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◎ Brex’s ace, Japan’s ace Hiejima was a lot of plays that seemed to be back. (Putcho-san)
◎ 21 points to pull the team were wonderful! The assist was also the best and the cooperation was good. (Dorayaki)
◎ Hiejima has been the most unstoppable movement since coming to BREX. (Rainbow trout)

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◎ The victory in Game 1 was definitely thanks to Aratani’s success. The rookie’s success on the big stage was reliable. (Kan-chan)
◎ I was impressed by the scene where I decided 3P four times in a row on the big stage called CS. (Mr. banshi)
◎ Aratani’s four threes made other players easier, and that explosive power was amazing. (Mr. Takaya)

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◎ I felt the soul in Yoshii’s defense. RS was a reliable starter for Alvark even though he didn’t have much time to play. (Yuka)
◎ Yoshii did his best in his playtime while Kirk had a limited playtime! (Non-san)
◎ Because I was doing my job thoroughly for the team by making use of the game experience at the end of the season without Ryan. (MAMI)

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◎ Because the number of plays that awaken and pull the team after entering the championship has increased. (Yama-chan)
◎ Corner three and one-legged three at the last minute of the clock. Not only pass dribbling but also defense was fascinating and led to victory. (Mc.starrow)
◎ Narito’s tricky pass turning, assisting, and shooting are interesting to watch. And I think that he decided 3 points and contributed greatly to the advancement to science fiction. (Earwig Mushi Kabuto Mushi)

Voices to players other than the best 5

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The top five players with the most votes are the above players, but of course the other players also got a lot of votes. Some of them are introduced below.

■ Yuma Fujii (Kawasaki Brave Thunders)
◎ Fujii-kun played in a different dimension with a different level. I think that both the score and the defense are the best five. (Mr. Mochizo)

■ Tenketsu Harimoto (Nagoya Diamond Dolphins)
◎ I saw the future of the Japanese national team in Game 2. When Harimoto came back, he couldn’t stop crying. (Mr. West)

■ Takatoshi Furukawa (Akita Northern Happinets)
◎ If you lose to Ryukyu, you will feel like a veteran in the final round 2. (Mr. Ssuke)

■ Yuki Togashi (Chiba Jets)
◎ Unfortunately, I was eliminated from the quarter-finals, but I felt Yuki Togashi as he pulled the team to the end. (College student who likes basketball)



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