“We are not a threat to women’s sports,” says the transgender swimmer

“Transgender athletes are not a threat to women’s sports,” swimmer Lia Thomas told ABC television. Thus, for the first time since the months-long discussion, the rising star has spoken to the media about the participation of transgender sportswomen in this sport. Thomas currently swims fastest at the university level in the entire United States.

“People are not changing because of sports. We are making a change to be happy and authentic to each other, “said the swimmer in an interview.

Lia Thomas swam at the NCAA University level for three years among men. The last time was in 2019. But then she completed a year of treatment to reduce testosterone levels so that she could compete among women.

After that, her times are worse than when she was a man, but still much better than the times of the fastest women at the university level. For example, faster than the winning times at last year’s NCAA Championship.

Therefore, some swimmers do not agree with her participation in women’s swimming. In addition, Thomas’s case has sparked a society-wide debate on how to proceed in these cases. However, according to the NCAA, the swimmer does not break any rules.

“It simply came to our notice then. That I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue swimming and do the sport I love, “she said in an interview. “I knew there would be reservations about me competing with women. I was ready for it… But I don’t need anyone’s permission to be myself and do the sport I love, “she added for ABC.

In the future, a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania plans to study law and have the opportunity to fight for a possible place on the American Olympic team for the next games in 2024, reports The Huffington Post.



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