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Min 30. Those from Montería put together a party at the Millonarios estates and they complicate it with an inspired Andrés Arroyo. He is doing everything!

Min 28. Millionaires continues to suffer and defends himself with his nails after the feline attack. Shot at Rojas’ goal that Jader Valencia deflected.

Min 22. Jaguares dominates the game and the visit does not react. Andrés Murillo saved, almost on the goal line!

Min 17. ¡Goooooooooooooool de Jaguares! ¡Gol de Andrés Arroyo! Bad delivery by Vargas over the middle of the field and after a pass from Nelino Tapia, Arroyo came face to face with Álvaro Montero to define on his right side. The match goes 1-0 (1-3 aggregate).

Min 15. Pablo Rojas admonished in the feline team.

Min 9. Double opportunity for Millonarios, the first was saved by goalkeeper Pablo Mina and the second was saved almost on the goal line.

Min 6. Approach of Jaguares and a first attempt in search of the blue arch, a shot that is deflected by the central defender Juan Pablo Vargas.

Wheel the ball in Jaraguay!

Acts of protocol in Montería. The Colombian anthem is sung.

The game at the Jaraguay stadium will start at 6:00 pm. The Blues arrive with the advantage of 3 goals, after the goals of Daniel Ruiz, Diego Herazo and Andrés Llinás in the first leg that was played in El Campín.

See confirmed lineups at Jaguars vs Millionaires, for the second round of Copa Betplay 2022:



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