Was it a pass or shot from Federico Valverde? “I passed it, I saw Vinícius enter out of the corner of my eye”

The Uruguayan Fede Valverde, author of the assist that gave Real Madrid its 14 Champions League, clarified that he attempted a pass and not a shot in the action that resulted in the Brazilian Vinícius’ goal and the merengue victory against Liverpool.

“I passed it, out of the corner of my eye I saw him enter (Vinicius) and everything was perfect,” said Valverde, author of the assist in the 59th minute, with a half smile.

The right winger also asserted that this edition of the Real Madrid Champions League, with two epic comebacks, would have been useless if it hadn’t been won today.

Likewise, the Uruguayan player thanked his wife for his support and joked when he said that he would have changed the Champions League for her.

“Now I keep both. She is very River and surely she would leave me because River wins the Libertadores, “she replied.

More seriously, he assured that she is his “bra”. “My wife is the one who is benching when things are not going well, when I have an ass face for not playing, she always has a few words of encouragement,” she said.


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