Volleyball, Conegliano returns super and beats Monza in race-3 for the championship

Perfect performance of the Imoco against a swinging and less aggressive Monza than in the first two races. On Tuesday in race-4 the second consecutive tricolor can arrive in Lombardy

by our correspondent Gian Luca Pasini

7 maggio

Conegliano-Monza 3-0 (25-23, 25-12, 25-22)

Conegliano erases the bad memories of match-1 and already looks forward to his return to the Monza Arena (Tuesday evening, 8.45 pm) to close the accounts with the Scudetto and focus only on the Champions League final scheduled (with Vakif) on 22 May in Ljubljana. If in the first races there were two marathons (10 sets played), this time the girls of Daniele Santarelli quickly find the way to take the lead 2 races to 1 from the series and earn two “match balls” to close the championship and extend their tricolor collection. Teams on the pitch with their best formation, but while the notes of the Italian anthem resound at Palaverde, a journalist feels bad. Lightning-fast the intervention of the presidents of the two companies who call for help, while Alessandra Marzari, who is a doctor, gives first aid, moments of fear and tension before the journalist is taken away in an ambulance.

The match

Conegliano’s serve is heavy and Monza goes down by two breaks. But it is only the beginning of the dispute: True Volleyball does not lose heart and remains attached to the game. The Imoco still makes too many mistakes so Gaspari’s team gets closer, up to overtaking at 16-15 with Van Hecke. The Brianza insist and are above 21-18. Just as it had happened in race-1. But it is the only similarity: then Egonu turbo in service closes the gap. Plummer seals the first set. In the second we go from 3-1 Monza to 16-8 Conegliano, the “masters” of the championship, 4 in the last 5 assigned, are rampant. With Marco Gaspari changing half a team to try to shake up the game. But when Conegliano smells the near victory, it is difficult to try to stop it, also by virtue of the fact that he has more cards to play than his opponent. In the partial there is no match. And the Panthers are in a hurry to get closer to ultimate success. Even the third set reflects the script of the previous ones and Conegliano moves away again, despite the reaction of Vero Volley. It’s a big pink jersey runway in front of their people. It ends 3-1.


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