Vladimir Putin, testosterone made president

It is Vladimir Putin, for some one more autocratic leader. For others, a paradigm of virility when exercising power. And they are right. The Russian president has always liked to be seen in attitudes left over from testosterone. Riding a horse or fishing in the lake while he shows off his pecs. As soon as he pets a tiger as he hunts a bear or shoots a harpoon at a gray whale. That in his facet of hunting and fishing, that in what refers to sport, the president of Russia also likes strong emotions. Flying paragliding, doing judo locks or playing ice hockey. Soccer leaves him alone for promotional events surrounded by former stars on the occasion of the World Cup in Russia. It is Vladimir Putin, a new renaissance man who, just as he plays a delicate melody on the grand piano, leads a gang of flag-waving bikers. The same character, who has now decided that Ukraine cannot remain a sovereign country and has to submit to his will.


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