Vladimir Putin: Is the Kremlin boss too ill for his favorite hobby?

If there’s one thing Vladimir Putin gets excited about outside the Kremlin walls, it’s ice hockey – but now the Russian president seems too ill even for his favorite sport. What is behind this cancellation?

For years, Vladimir Putin dropped everything for his favorite sport, ice hockey – but now the Kremlin despot shone with his absence at a top-class event.
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Away from the Russian government business in the Kremlin and its warlike activities in Ukraine Wladimir Putin has always been known for its adrenaline-packed leisure activities: Whether martial arts such as judo or karate, skiing or Eishockey, the Kremlin despot seemed to be into almost every sport. However, Putin’s cancellation at short notice of an event that the Russian president usually does not miss is causing a stir. Rumors immediately began to circulate: Is Putin too ill for his favorite sport?

Vladimir Putin cancels participation in ice hockey spectacle – is the Kremlin boss too ill?

As the British “Metro” currently reports, Vladimir Putin’s presence at one of the most important ice hockey games of the current sports year was expected, but the Russian President stayed away from the event. At the gala event of the “Night Hockey League National Festival”, which will be held in Sochi these days, it was expected that Vladimir Putin would be there as a hockey fan and cheer on the players. But none: The Kremlin boss apologized and instead sent a video message to the participating ice hockey players. Putin’s absence was particularly sensational due to the fact that the president is currently said to be on the Black Sea coast in the immediate vicinity of Sochi – an unreasonably long journey was therefore ruled out as a plausible explanation.

Cancer or Parkinson’s? Health rumors about Vladimir Putin continue

Of course, no official reasons were given for Putin’s absence from the ice hockey spectacle – which of course didn’t stop the rumor mill from bubbling with speculation. Rumors about Putin’s state of health have been circulating for some time – so far there has been talk of both cancer and signs of Parkinson’s disease. The fact that Vladimir Putin is now just missing out on an event of his favorite sport, which he has always attested to have health-promoting effects and improve the quality of life, confirms the speculation about Putin’s health.

Kremlin insider disturbed after Putin’s ice hockey cancellation: “Something must have happened”

In addition, there are assumptions in the room Putin described as increasingly paranoid may be concerned about his safety when making public appearances and may have canceled his visit to the ice hockey gala. It would be just another last-minute change of plan that caused a stir for Putin – just earlier this week, at the “Victory Day” celebrations, the Russian presidentcancel an air show.

The non-appearance at the ice hockey event was noted with concern from Putin’s environment. “It’s a fixed date in Putin’s calendar, so something must have happened that he didn’t show up,” Metro quoted an unnamed insider as saying. Initially, there were even plans for the Russian President to dash across the ice with the ice hockey pros, but such scenarios were secretly shelved.

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